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Morph company founders laughing

Morph was originally founded as a sales team for a moving company, and our entire team was built the sales way – it was a group of friendly, motivated and focused performers with only one goal in mind – maximize sales and maximize profit! As our results rapidly inflated, so did the need for manpower and other departments.
So we did what we do best.

We simply morphed from a pure sales team into a completely rounded team of industry professionals – far from where the action is, yet with no detrimental consequence to business. Through this experience, we’ve learned a few things, the most relevant one being: If it’s doable over the phone, it’s doable at a 10,000 miles distance.

We created and quickly scaled the three major departments of any business that requires a call center support – Sales, Customer care, and Operations. Built with the ones that feel the need to constantly move and get better, eventually, we opened up a conversation about doing something extraordinary – outsourcing management.


Our incredible sales team’s efficiency surpassed that of the original team by 26% in the first year.

This alone is a feat we’re very proud of – but knowing this was done while cutting our clients’ overhead in half makes it all the better. Year after year, as our team grew into one of savvy closers, this margin continued to expand to where it is now, which is 32%.

To put it simply, we turn $1m into $1.32m for our clients. Every month. At half price.

Naturally, this is very enticing to any business owner, as it has been for all our current clients, without even expanding on the fact that the scouting, interviewing, training, mentoring, developing and monitoring of all the people that make it possible is all done in the background for them.

And needless to say, our sales team is growing by the minute, both in size and experience.

Customer Care

Once we’ve established ourselves as the primary sales team for our clients, we needed a group of problem-solvers in the same room. So we established our own customer care team to cater to the needs of all the clients that our sales team had brought on board.

After morph took over handling all ongoing issues, customer satisfaction remained as high as ever, while cutting down our clients’ refund and settlement expenses to 71% of where they were before we took the wheel. Aside from the fact that 71% is a lot less than 100%, it shows, yet again, that a remote team, if given the proper tools and support, can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a native team.


With sales and customer support in the right hands, we created a micro team whose job would be to provide support for the experts in the US. But unlike sales and customer care, which are two tightly connected departments with which we’ve had ample experience; operations required a deeper level of industry knowledge that would take more time to grasp – a year plus, by most estimates.

Still, 6 months after our micro team was founded to provide support for the overseas experts, it tripled in size, and in less than two years, took on the responsibility to handle operations from top to bottom.

None of this was impossible, nor immensely difficult to pull off. All we needed was a group of people with the right mindset – a willingness to learn, to improve, and an understanding of the amount of effort that improvement usually takes.

Once that was made possible, we just needed to keep these people happy and motivated in their workplace. It usually demands the simplest things, like honest communication and buliding trust.

Granted, it’s not always easy, but it’s almost always possible.

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