A Different Take on Culture

While growing our company in numbers, and proudly going from 8 to 40 in the first year, then from 40 to 130 in the following two, morph has always been enticing to candidates for one thing – its unique culture. And the proof of authenticity is the fact that we never planned for it to happen – we didn’t even take notice ourselves, until people started listing it as a reason for their application.

What we considered just a normal working atmosphere was suddenly rattled in March 2020, when the entire world was pushed into isolation and remote work. It’s not that we didn’t know how to function remotely – it’s that phenomenal atmosphere in the office that none of us wanted to lose.

With morph going online, a new team was born – Morph UP (abbrev. MUP) – tasked with preserving the office spirit under these new circumstances.


After a series of challenges, storytelling, nominations, daily check-ins and ‘quarantine news’ – MUP has come forth with its single most creative idea: Morph House Cup. Combining business performance with Harry Potter-esque fandom, MUP has presented the idea to divide all morph employees, management included, into 10 houses.

Each house consists of members across the company, covering all departments, and each house member was handed a set of rules in which ways they can bring points to their house. These rules are, of course, focused on core department performance, as well as attendance to various activities and projects organized by morph. And this is how a true war of wits began! We’re obsessed with taking the monthly 1st prize, and the crown jewel of this 9-month competitive marathon – the gloriously shining winners’ Trophy!

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