A Different Take on Leadership

From day one, Morph has been a company led by inspired leaders. We offer no better answer to the question posed back in 2015: How can someone who’s never set foot on US soil be as successful (or more) at servicing its clients as someone who’s spent their entire life there?

We’ve spent the last 5 years answering that question by example. But in the last two years we have taken it a step further, giving life to Morph’s Leadership School. Years of experience and a collection of meaningful stories are no longer just coffee break material, but a 9-month course in becoming a morph leader.


To name the benefits, if need be – cutting the overhead of hiring, training, and most importantly, building teams with strong leadership. The latter is simply not quantifiable. So far, two generations of protegees have attended the school and are currently leading their respective departments within morph. We are eagerly anticipating many more generations to come!

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