A Different Take on Social Responsibility

In morph, phrases such as: ‘Social Responsibility’, or ‘Giving Back’ are not simply tearjerker phrases for a quasi-woke social media post.
On the contrary – as a company, we have always strived to be leaders by example in the community.

Whether we are talking about charity events, blood drives, food drives, or even humanitarian gaming tournaments – we are proud of the extent to which our morphers’ social awareness goes. Simply put, our company events always have an underlying aspect of social responsibility.

About two thirds of our team is subscribed to monthly UNICEF donations, and we’re friends with the Novak Djokovic Foundation, the ATINA foundation, and KK Despot, just to name a few.

All this has once again inspired us to take things to the next level by attempting something truly extraordinary – opening up the Humans of Morph Foundation. But stay tuned, this story is yet to be told!

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