Morph’s Guide on How to Improve Candidate Experience A Tested Strategy that drives results

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Oct 25
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If you strive to unlock the secret to success, there’s one thing you must learn and live by. Today’s job market is very powerful. And, most importantly, it has embraced the people-first philosophy. So, you have to look into the best ways to improve candidate experience and secure your position as a well-respected employer who cares about everyone – not just the target crowd or the ones who already work beside you. 

And it feels like our company understood the assignment. Here at Morph, we do our very best to offer superb experiences to every applicant – regardless of the ultimate results a hiring process brings. In this candidate-driven world, our mission is to provide each job seeker with an awesome experience and a sense of being highly valued. Take a sneak peek at our processes and find out how to build close and lasting relationships with talents! 

What is meant by candidate experience? 

This syntagm is pretty simple to define. In short, it refers to a perception candidates form while interacting with a certain brand. It stands for the sum of their notions and impressions. Each touchpoint has a way of shaping a job seeker’s perspective. And so, their entire experiences can be greatly influenced by a job post, social media presence, recruiting tactics, and much more. So, what is included in candidate experience? These are the basic things to keep in mind: 

  • The simplified application process, 
  • Open and pleasant communication,
  • Regular feedback,
  • Efficient hiring process and good management,
  • Structured and effective interviews, 
  • Proper onboarding process.

These are just a few vital elements that will help candidates know a brand and recognize it as trustworthy, respectful, and professional. Spotting a reliable employer that genuinely cares about the candidates’ reactions, feelings, and views is a major plus. Also, it is closely tied to a superb employee experience, engagement, and motivation. And ultimately, it can be connected to the retention and lower churn rates. So – yes, it’s basically the name of the game. Now, get a load of benefits you’ll obtain, then see how Morph does it! 

Why is the candidate experience important? 

There are more than just a few vital perks a superb perception from candidates’ perspective will provide. Some of the most noteworthy benefits you’ll get include:

  • More qualified applicants and faster hiring,
  • Better relationship with a community and more engagement,
  • A bigger talent pool and quicker access to more relevant knowledge and skillsets, 
  • Enhanced overall reputation and reliability and boosted brand awareness,
  • Competitive edge, 
  • More quality hires. 

Companies that have built amazing company cultures can find ways to improve candidate experience quickly. So, each tactic and all advantages that follow must start from the inside. Also, it goes both ways. Firm and lasting bonds with prospective hires and passive talent contribute to enhancing a company’s reputation, which strengthens its internal relationships, functions, and employee satisfaction. 

The massive importance of providing the best candidate experience: Our very own perspective

It’s no secret – many companies use outsourcing to get the best results! But those outcomes can only be guaranteed once a business encounters the right outsourcing company. And our team has a clear policy regarding this field. We are determined to secure a perfectly smooth collaboration and grant superb upshots to each client. But that’s not nearly all there is. Our very own contentment starts with the people we meet. Regardless of whether they’ve joined our crew or not, our aims should always be in line with their experiences. 

So, in order to thrive and offer the top outsourcing services, we must focus on the people. 

Candidate experience statistics: Proven facts that encourage clever strategies

According to the new statistics, more than one-half of qualified applicants and active job seekers will decline a job offer due to poor candidate experience. Moreover, 69% of them would most likely never apply again. And since more than 54% of businesses have a hard time because of the global talent shortage, it’s ridiculous to let the best job seekers slip from your hands over this, right? 

Still, look at the bright side. At least 80% of candidates would gladly share positive feedback about the company. And given that more than 90% of them actually use social media, improved candidate experience can contribute to your marketing strategies more than you could tell! 

How to boost candidate experience: a fail-proof tactic by Morph 

Raise your hand if you ever forgot to send feedback on time. Shout out to those who have booked one too many interviews in one week. Nod your head if any applicants misunderstood your job post or found it vague, weak, or unclear. If you recognize your old mistakes here, it’s time to morph and get it right. So, if you’re wondering – “How can I improve my candidate experience?” these are the simple tips you’ve been canvassing the internet for. It goes like this: 

  • Know precisely what you want and need, 
  • Make your sourcing & hiring process a smooth sail, 
  • Don’t stop & keep up the good work after you have enticed the prospective hire. 

So, insightfulness, objectivity, simplicity, and consistency are the key. Once you crush the obstacles that have been interfering with these decisive aspects, you’re ready to improve the candidate experience and nail all the steps that follow. 

Tip one: It starts with clear aims and job posts 

So, you’ve most likely been having a hard time distinguishing between “must-have” and “nice to have” points in your job description. No worries, we’ve all been there. But, our team has the tested formula now. Before you write it down, then you post and pray for qualified applicants, don’t forget about these essential rules:

  • Keep it concise,
  • Give enough information,
  • Be sure that it’s all in line with your actual needs. 

For instance, if you were looking for a way to start an eCommerce business, there would be a range of services that you’d need, right? However, your aims won’t be the same as someone else’s. And not to mention the time you have at your disposal, budget, expectations, and much more. So, you’ve got to the point where you must hire a web development team. Before hitting the panic button because you have no idea about the tech stack you want, or whether you wish to build an in-house team from scratch or find an outsourcing company – take a deep breath. Analyze your true needs and business goals. Learn about the market. Know your finances. Then, write the JD accordingly while having these internal insights in mind. 

Here’s a word to the wise from our hiring managers – we always think things through and discuss the hiring needs before writing and posting. And what’s the perfect combo from our perspective? Well, it’s a mix of hard and soft skills. And it depends on the role. Keep scrolling to have a clearer understanding. 

Basic skills and/or a go-getting persona

Since we’ve tried hard to build (and maintain) a good reputation and become a leading BPO company, we always look for new team members with their hearts in the right place. So, who is our ideal candidate? Is it the attitude or aptitude that counts? The truth is – it’s both. Still, one has a more substantial impact on our interviewers than the other. 

When we bring in new call center agents, we look into those traits and qualities that will help our clients. Anyone involved in customer service and similar roles must have some virtues and manners that make a true difference. Regardless of the type of customer they’re communicating with, the goal is to remain pleasant, helpful, and, most importantly – empathetic. Our sales team has a similar agenda. They need to be excellent listeners, a bit of researchers with curious minds, and innovators. They ought to redefine the game in order to drive the best results. So, all these essential roles have made us set our sights on go-getters with a natural instinct to learn, grow, and do amazing things. The skills themselves will come pretty soon. 

However, there are slightly different criteria when we’re screening tech candidates. Most developers we hire need to have some relevant industry experience. Surely, we’ll leave plenty of room for them to advance their careers and step up their knowledge. 

Here’s the bottom line: a proven recipe for the triumph (and improved candidate experience) is to look for a blend of personality traits and actual expertise. But still – what one is capable of is what matters the most. The rest is destined to come if you support the employees and push them in the right direction. 

Tip two: Smart + simple processes

Now, you’ve seen the prime goals. Knowing what a company wants and needs and understanding how to phrase it. It is time to reach out to the applicants and interview them. When we spot a resume that depicts a possible candidate persona we definitely want on our team, we keep things smooth and simple. And so should you. 

Today, no one has the time for lengthy interviews and never-ending processes with multiple assessments, unnecessary steps, and prolonged outcomes. The fact is – slow hiring is the ultimate answer to the question – What is a bad candidate experience? 

Our practices entail just a few steps. Depending on the position we’re looking to fill, candidates mainly go through two or three stages of the interviewing process. Also, we tend to reinvent our approaches and customize them to match every applicant’s vibe. All the while, we give honest feedback and strive to offer as much information as possible. 

The most effective blend of automation & humane approach 

Speeding up the hiring process is what everyone aspires to. Still, relying on automation tools alone hugely lacks the personal touch. So, we decided to embrace both. For that matter, our hiring team uses Calendly to schedule meetings and interviews more efficiently. In addition, we count on job boards and career pages to spread the word on our behalf. Finally, we use an ATS (applicant tracking system) to help us out when going through resumes and collecting information. But everything else is done in the flesh. Securing excellent candidate experience is only possible if you keep it personal as much as you can. This is particularly significant for those parts of the process where we give feedback. It’s paramount to let the participants know about their performance in an objective and pleasant way, regardless of the outcome. 

And also – we prefer to mix things up by organizing an initial interview online but having the final round in our office. We’ve embraced the hybrid model and stayed pro-remote as the new norm (plus, we did feel the major perks of work from home). Then again, we’re quite sociable. So, the last step must be reserved for introducing our new teammate to our crew and letting them grasp the team culture we’re devoted to. 

This is the clue you sought: rely on technology and use tools to ease the process, but be sure to do it wisely. And don’t let the gizmo take away the magic that only comes from human contact. 

Tip three: Successful onboarding process

The word is that an onboarding process can last up to 90 days. Some agree that this is an optimal amount of time, but the truth is that each company can shift these time frames according to their specific needs (and other factors, which can vary from one role to another and from one employee to another). For us, onboarding is essential. We always make sure to give each newcomer enough time and support to nail their first weeks and months. Everything they need is at their disposal – from experienced colleagues and managers through online training, courses, and workshops. 

Yes, making sure to improve candidate experience doesn’t end when they accept the job offer. On the contrary. Without the proper onboarding process, your turnover rate will jump through the roof, and so will the negative comments on your company. 

The secret ingredient: Continuous growth & career development

There’s an unbreakable bond between employee and candidate experience. One can’t be good if the other is poor. That’s why education, growth, and useful training can’t end after the first few weeks or so. And that’s why Morph grants superb learning opportunities to all employees, regardless of the department they work in. 

Bonus tip: Complete transparency is the key 

Some firms beautify the truth. Glamorizing what actually awaits after the agreement is signed and the new hire is welcomed is a tested technique for disaster. Making up facts and thinking to yourself: what can possibly go wrong is a sign that everything is bound to go wrong. That’s why we’ve chosen transparency. The type of BPO company we built and strengthened is reflected in each interaction with the crowd. Our audience knows who we are. Job seekers can find out a lot from the content we post. Potential and current employees will surely get familiar with the drill around here from the first touchpoint. 

And, when it comes to the salaries, each candidate can hear about the range we offer for their position early in the process. In most cases, we make it even more straightforward by including a salary in the job description. 

And that’s another thing you must do: if you plan to improve candidate experience, make sure to be honest and insights that truly matter. 

Learn how to enhance candidate experience & get ready for the best results!

We’ve saved the best for last. Yes, you’ve seen how to assess your business and hiring needs. And yes – you know how huge of a difference a go-getter attitude can make. Finally, you’ve got a hold of the interviewing and hiring process tips, tricks, and how tos. Now, get ready for one last piece of advice – always seek feedback. Our objectives always encompass the thoughts and notions given by candidates – and employees! That way only we are capable of fixing the negative stuff, boosting our knowledge, and optimizing our processes. 

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