Case Study

A Transformative Investment


InfoNetworks is a California based full-service technology partner offering comprehensive internet solutions and managed IT services, conveniently bundled to meet their client needs.

InfoNetworks teamed up with Morph in 2016. Up until that point, their growth was somewhat hindered by an ‘old school’ approach. By diversifying their team, their hope was to create the sort of stability needed to start the aggressive expansion they’re in the midst of today.
As expansion is closely followed by serious investments, it made sense to look overseas with the goal to maintain their quality of service and reduce their overhead expense, all in one swoop.

Morph Networks has been transformative for our business over the last few years. They do more than back office management or outsourcing – they are a true partner that helps tailor fit a human capital strategy for your business. Using them is a no brainer.

InfoNetworks' Director of Operations
Daniel Hakimi
Director of Operations at InfoNetworks


Before its partnership with Morph, InfoNetworks had different types of challenges – hiring, retaining and growing talent proved costly, both in terms of time and in terms of funds.
From tech support and ticketing to some of the more serious positions that we fill today, the challenge was fitting into a tight-knit team that InfoNetworks boasted; to later share in some of the more crucial responsibilities.


Our solution was two-pronged:
The two focal points were to first make sure we deliver on the service to a standard befitting both our companies, but also to ensure a complete cultural fit.
This meant setting up a very thorough screening and interview process, and having a strong collaborative approach to training and mentoring our new agents.
With InfoNetworks, the solution to our problem didn’t require much creativity, but it needed the sort of tricky approach that Morph networks prides itself in having – a people-centered approach.

By Numbers



When InfoNetworks teamed up with Morph, they adapted to a new situation. One of having team members outside of their core offices. Justifiably, this is the #1 concern with outsourcing, along with the quality of work itself.
Thanks to their flexibility and an open-minded approach to outsourcing, their team at Morph now handles the most delicate tasks their business comes across.
This was in no way a straight shot path, but for all our collective efforts, we now consider ourselves a singular team, as opposed to a B2B collective.