Case Study

Explosive Scaling


Cross Country Movers is a California based moving company, providing highest quality (or ‘White Glove’) relocation services across the United States, as the name suggests.

This progressive company was founded in 2016, by a group of people with extensive experience in the moving industry, which as a result experienced record-breaking growth in the first few years, with each year surpassing the last by almost tenfold.

With such growth come serious growing pains, so the solution to the problem was to partner with a company that’s capable of scaling teams at a pace and surety to match Cross Country’s relentless expansion. You guessed it – Morph turned out to be the best bet.

From a shy start with a team of 4 salesmen to a team of 40 accross our entire company system – salesman to management, we’re now at a point where our team at morph has a say in all of our operational, or otherwise, business decisions. With 90% of our company staff being in Belgrade, it’s only natural.

CEO with a Smile
Alexander Ravich
Chief Executive Officer at Cross Country Movers


Due to Cross Country Movers’ aggressive growth, scaling quickly became a challenge, and HR simply couldn’t keep up with demand. There was a need for constant and steady expansion across all departments. But bringing in qualified candidates, keeping the vetting process, the training and the development at a level that would match the demand proved to be extremely difficult.

To further the problem, where there was success with hiring, there were big increases in overhead expense, as well as the liability that comes with having an ever-growing number of people on payroll.

Cross Country leadership had determined that they needed a solution that would address all of these issues.



In essence, our solution was simple:

We would create a rock-solid core team – a group of no more than 5 people, each specialized to handle the different aspects of the business. We would then set up a system that would allow us to create entire teams around our specialists, passing down their knowledge and experience to every new addition to our team. 

Through excessive training, monitoring and mentoring, we would ensure that each member of our team has the skills needed to ensure their level of expertise is as impeccable as those of their predecessors, who would ultimately become team leaders, seniors, and department managers.

Morph’s Cross Country Movers team delivered, and continues to deliver, with flying colors.


By Numbers



Since the start of our relationship with Cross Country Movers, at a time when their US-based team consisted of no more than 10 people; we have grown their offshore team to a group of 40.

Today, 4 of 5 managers in charge of running Cross Country Movers are in our offices, and the results of making this switch are almost too good to believe:

Cross Country Movers’ lead conversion rate increased from 17% to 25%, their overhead dropped by 52% per agent, on average; the liability that comes with having employees on payroll is pretty much gone, and their bottom line (Net profit) increased by 110%. You read that correctly – their net profit more than doubled.

With an invested sales manager that continues to build and develop a team to deliver superior results; a marketing manager that cut advertising expenses by 40% through constant evaluation and calculated placement of every penny from the marketing budget; an operations manager that streamlined every truck route to ensure maximum profitability with every mile traveled; and a customer care manager that kept their reputation at a 5-star level through this explosive growth, it’s not that difficult to believe that Cross Country Movers’ profitability actually DOUBLED through our relationship.


Given the fact that Cross Country Movers is Morph’s first ever client, we’re thrilled to be able to say that we repaid their trust in a small, ambitious Belgrade based company with results that greatly surpassed our initial projections.