Nov 06, 2019

Don’t Expect Anything

Or you’ll get disappointed! Ok, I won’t, I’ll just apply for this job, maybe they’ll hire me. But I don’t have a single day of experience in this kind of job! Never worked in Sales, never had customers, never spoke English eight hours a day, why would they invite me for the interview? I won’t expect them to do so...

But their website seems like they’re really cool! Coming to work casually dressed, working with people who seem fun and they’re all in their twenties or thirties... Yeah right, every company tells about themselves that they are fun and relaxed, don’t expect them to be so...

Oh ok, I’m invited for the interview, what should I talk about if I don’t have any previous companies in my CV? I’ll just relax and talk about myself. The guys at the company really do seem fun. One guy passed by, looked at us and just said “Fresh meat”. It made me laugh, but I don’t expect them all to be funny...

The interview went horribly. I got nervous, suddenly forgot all the English I knew. I didn’t expect to get the job, but I did. I didn’t want to feel disappointed, but I ended up more than happy because all that I’ve seen turned up to be even better than the first impression.

Months later I spoke to my manager, asking him why they had hired me after that poor interview. He said that it was because of “Morph factor” I already had in me.


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