Oct 15, 2019

Dream jobs don't exist, you have to create them.

All of us have dream jobs. Of course, I would lie to you if I told you that I, as a 5-year old, dreamed about working as a sales representative in a call center. To be a successful sales representative, you have to master a couple of techniques. You have to be polite, you have to listen to the customer, you have to be precise and exact. After you do all of the mentioned, you get to the selling point. What is the selling point? Bonding with the customer. Usually, you have to assess the customers' mentality, and then choose the adequate approach. But, sometimes, customers do your job.

I have a very strong accent and deep voice. When I want it to, I can make it really deep.

"Where are you from?" - customer asked. "Eastern Europe"- I answer immediately. No point in pretending when you sound like a Russian arms dealer. "Azerbaijan?" - he asked. Hmmm. If he is Armenian this conversation is over. So, I choose a diplomatic approach - "Nearby". "My father is from Azerbaijan, so I know your working ethics, you are very good people". The job is done. Just sail through this conversation pretending to be honest Azerbaijani, and pray you don't get a question in Azerbaijani language.

"Your voice sounds so familiar, I heard it somewhere before?"- the young lady told me. "Maybe you called us earlier, I work here for a year and a half" - I answered in the most polite way I could think of. "No.", she told me, "From somewhere else.". Maybe if you visited Serbia, I thought. I just smiled and continued asking the usual questions. "I KNOW!"- she yelled, "Darth Vader". I was shocked - "I'm sorry?". "You sound exactly like Darth Vader, I knew I would remember". The job was done, again. Using the dark side of the Force I persuaded her to book a job with us.

If someone offered me, as a 5-year old, a job in which I will be Darth Vader, even for a couple of minutes, I would cheerfully accept.

Dream jobs don't exist, you have to create them.

William Williams

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