Apr 23, 2019

Dude, Where’s My Car?

Dude, Where’s My Car?

Going home after a night out in a club can be rough, it's cold, you're worn out from dancing and ready to fall asleep. A bit hazy from the party I took a look at my phone and an email popped in my inbox: ‘Jason, call me, my car has been stolen!’ At first I started laughing cause things like these didn't happen before and I thought she was joking. I initially wrote ‘Are you sure?’ but didn't send it. Seconds later the guys from the office follow up on me confirming the vehicle was in fact stolen.

Morning Madness

The craziest calls that I had were from people who called at 5AM local time to ask for shipments. 30 seconds into the conversation I figured out that the person I am talking to is either drunk or plain crazy. Upon finishing the conversation he left the phone down and continued to sing the weirdest song that went something like ‘You drove your car into a moving train…’ I only regret ending that call before he had a chance to finish his song.

Keep It Real Esse

Always have at least 2 accents prepared just in case you end up alone in a night shift and someone decides that it's a great idea to call all moving companies at 7PM local time. My suggestions: Russian accent, Indian Accent, British accent and you can spice it up with some Southern "Ya'll" or open with "Howdy ma'm". Cheeky, Clever, Effective.

Should I Call Him or Not?

It's okay to have concerns for the safety of your personal items and your vehicle though some people just take it way too far. I reckon one of my previous clients Israel, the guy would just call me to see how I'm doing, to hear what's new, sometimes he even had questions though it was the same thing over and over again than we would touch base on war, politics, economics. We had this over the phone friendship going for a month, can't say that I don't miss him. Matter of fact I think I should give him a call..

Sivi Soko

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