Nov 27, 2019

Free life hack

Everyone who works and goes to college knows the struggle. Paying for faculty requires money, money means you need a job and a job requires a lot of energy and time.

After work, you feel tired, sleepy and you need rest, but exams don't wanna hear about that. They need you fully focused and in a mood for memorizing all of the (mostly) irrelevant facts and numbers you need to get a passing grade.

But people I met here in Morph prove all of that wrong. In just a couple of months, 4 of my colleagues graduated or even got a master's degree.

Working in Morph thought me about one of the most important things in everyday life: time management and distinguishing important from unimportant tasks. You can easily call it a life hack.

As Covey's matrix shows, important and not important tasks can be urgent or not urgent. Important and urgent ones have to be managed, not urgent tasks are something you need to focus on. Not important and urgent ones can be postponed or delegated to someone else, and just don't do the things that are not important nor urgent! Simple as that.

Finding your priorities and doing the things you have to first, literally makes you stop wasting time or saying "I can do that tomorrow". Just get yourself together and do it! Not tomorrow, today. You know you have to. Allocating your energy just on the stuff you must do, takes you to your goal.

Seven months ago when I came to Morph, the building right across the street was at the beginning of construction. I used to tell myself "They're gonna finish the building and I still won't graduate".

The building is still under construction even though they are building it pretty fast, and I graduated while working five days a week. It's all just because I learned my priorities and started valuing my time more. I guess that I didn't do so bad after all.


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