Nov 09, 2019

Halloween Debate

Everyone had high expectations when it was announced that the debate "Pro sales vs Pro customer care" will be held at our company during the Halloween party. Finally, after all these years of whispering about whose job is more important behind each other's backs, they will sit together and present every aspect of their job. Intentions of the organizational team were noble. Through this presentation, confronted sides will learn difficulties that they experience each day, and start respecting and recognizing the efforts of the other ones.

But, they have all been deceived, for eternal conflict is not to be ended so easily.

Pro customer care had the honor to open the debate and they immediately started firing. They used their usual tricks: "We are holy customer care department, sales reps book problematic customers when they shouldn't, why don't you stop doing that? "

That was the moment when the organizers realized that this is not going in the direction they intended, but the doors of hell were already open and it was impossible to close them.

After this opening, the discussion moderator had no other choice than to ask pro sales team to present their response on these accusations.

As expected, their response was ruthless and vicious. "We are great money sharks, we are the essence of the company, we created everything, without us, no one would exist here, etc..."

And that is how what is meant to be a peaceful and education-centered confrontation of colleagues who have a different point of view, became open war. Organizers fully realized the meaning of the phrase "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

After all of the participants presented their arguments, the audience voted for the winner. Pro sales team won nearly unanimously, which was expected. 90% of the audience were their fellow colleagues, sales representatives, so the pro customer care team didn't stand a chance.

William Williams

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