Apr 27, 2019

The Million Dollar Baby

There are those situations in life when you feel like you’re falling down, knocked out by a powerful punch, and like it’s not enough already, your neck lands on a stool and the next thing you know is that you’re powerless. The story of my client Samantha is the exact opposite of this.

Whole my life I spent believing in true love and when somebody brought up the topic of signing a prenup as a means of security, I was the first one to fight against. All until that conversation. All until Samantha.

In short, this started off as just another long distance move. When clients start taking sentimentally about their clothes, an alarm is triggered in my head to sell them full replacement insurance. Why not - it’s free money, I thought.

However, when she started naming the items, I started feeling like I was talking to David Rockefeller’s extremely spoiled daughter. Her coat was valued at $20k, shoes at $30k, she had a $50k picture and all the jewelry she listed was $200k! Furthermore, each item had a background story that she for some reason needed to tell me about. This is how I put the pieces of the puzzle together - all this was a gift from the loving boyfriend, who suddenly decided he doesn’t wanna see her again and wants her out of the house ASAP. She is allowed to keep the gifts, though, and of course, he is paying for the move.

I don’t know if there is a person with a heart made of solid ice, that wouldn’t be melted by hearing the way she explains her tragic love story. It was kinda like The Slumdog Millionaire, only she won at the very beginning of the story…

Fr. Luke Harper

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