Nov 23, 2019

The Misunderstanding

Friday. Midnight. That means only one thing. The official start of the weekend. I stepped out of the office as quickly as I could and started thinking about all of the parties and chill that I will experience in the next 2 days. After a whole week of sleeping and working, finally time for fun.

As I walked calmly towards my car, suddenly I heard a voice - " Bill ! ". It was my boss. "I need you for something." Great.

"I need you to write something for me" - he said. "Write about me, Đuka and Champions League". In a matter of seconds, I did the calculation.

Champions League - I know everything about it, and it inspires me a lot. Difficulty: Easy.

Đuka - I make fun of him every day in front of people, so I will just create a compilation of greatest insults - Difficulty: Easy.

Writing about my own boss? Difficulty: Godlike

With everything at stake, I went into theoretical thinking about how this incredibly difficult task should be done.

How on earth should anyone write about their own boss?

Ha, I know, I will glorify him all the time! Genius plan. But, if I exaggerate for a little bit, he will notice and then I will be labeled as dishonest lickspittle. I would say he despises that above all else. This plan is bad.

Ok, so I will write like he is the worst boss in the world. For sure I will avoid the situation mentioned above. But, first of all, this text will probably be used for marketing purposes, and I cannot see how we would advertise ourselves with a text about a bad boss.

Not to mention the bigger risks in that plan. Definitely, even worse plan.

So the only thing I have left - to be honest. So, after 3 days of brainstorming with myself and rewriting, I finally found the courage to click SEND on e-mail with his address.

I was pretty satisfied; I was honest, and I was pretty convinced that he will not dislike it. I felt relieved of all stress, and back to ordinary tasks once again...

My phone rang. His number. Oh my God. Calculation in the head again. Checking through every single word in a second.

"Yes" - was everything I could say.

"Bill, you fool", "we had a misunderstanding, I wanted you to write about what happened when I and Đuka watched Champions League, not about us personally"


"But, thank you very much for the text, it is good"

I was shocked for a couple of seconds before we both burst into laughter. All of the stress for nothing. Actually not for nothing, we have a good text.

William Williams

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