May 13, 2019

In the Name of the Mover

When I started working in Morph, everybody kept asking me the same question: ‘Why did you stray away from your calling?’ To be honest, in the years I spent working here I kept only one thing connecting me to the faculty I studied at - my nickname. Back at the time I felt I needed a new surrounding, new perspective, and accepting this job for me was the true meaning of ‘stepping outside the comfort zone’.

Don’t get me wrong, I never stopped being ‘Pop’, and I know people working with me feel the same. This was proven to be true one day, when Jordan picked up the call, looked at me, and told the client he’s got the right man to help him.

I pick up the phone, and on the other line is Robert Bennett. Fr. Robert Bennett, to be accurate. Moving the entire church from Pomona to Riverside. At that moment, Luke from Serbia, being on the other side of the globe, was the nearest guy who knew the names of all items inside the altar in English.

The word got spread around the office. In the blink of an eye I was surrounded with ten people, pushing one another and trying their hardest to restrain from laughing out loud. On the other hand, I was having a sacred moment with my true colleague. Item by item, our mission came to its conclusion. Fr. Robert was extremely satisfied with an excellent customer service, and the company that goes not the extra mile, but the extra continent to suit his needs.

No, I never left my calling. I just found a different way to exercise it. And boy, you should see how much fun I’m having!

Fr. Luke Harper

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