Apr 22, 2020

Outsourcing Company in a Humanitarian Act

The way Morph operates is different from other firms in many ways - we prefer a friendly work atmosphere and pay the same attention to our employees as we do to everyone that surrounds us. And we think that's the way it should be. No matter whether the owner or manager or any employee suggested any ideas, a proposal to help those in need is always supported by Morph. We like to do things our way, even when we are facing serious matters like humanitarian acts. Raising money shouldn't be reduced to a box sitting alone in the corner, and people occasionally putting spare change into it. We always try to solve problems by working together in order to achieve the goal we set - and that is to help others.

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We Love Giving to Those in Need

Making a Diaper Challenge was one of the most exhilarating moments we ever had during the charity. The team of four employees bought 152 diapers, made a video about that and then nominated all the employees who celebrate their birthdays in January to buy at least one more diaper than they did. All those Capricorns and children of the age of Aquarius (this is just me avoiding to write the plural - is it Aquariuses?) put their mind to the task and have made their mark.

Then, the birthday boys and girls made a video nomination for the next team - all the people in the company who are wearing glasses got the pleasure to participate, it’s just that they haven’t seen the challenge immediately. But they have come through. With their part, we had a total of 1616 diapers and there were only 404 left to complete the goal. Luckily, it wasn’t the end and there was no “Error 404, diaper not found” scenario.

They were followed by the next team - all the people who didn't work the following day, and at last, they made sure that everything was bought.

In the end, we had a symbolic number of 2020 diapers that we donated to the Infant and Youth Care Center "Zvecanska". This Foundation has a long tradition of temporary care for children of all ages, due to the inability to stay in their original family. The institution has the ability to protect and care for 528 children.

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Our Cooperation With Novak Djokovic Foundation

Morph also loves making dreams come true, so we've been a part of a holiday giving organized by Novak Djokovic Foundation. That humanitarian foundation, founded thirteen years ago had a goal to make 160 children from a small city in Serbia happy. Kids wrote letters and drew what they would want to get as a New Year's eve gift, and Santa sent them because they were all good.

Seven companies including Morph participated in creating presents for the ones who need it. All of us gathered greeting cards, cosmetics, books, school supplies, wardrobe, toys, and sweet packages.

Our part was collecting school supplies to make New Year's gifts for children from 160 families who use social security benefits. We bought notebooks, crayons, wooden crayons, markers, pencils, pencil sharpeners, and erasers. By combining this with what other companies bought, we made personalized gifts that were given to the little ones.

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Supporting Education Is a Part of Our Corporate Social Responsibility

The student of Mathematical High School Jelena Ivancic received many awards. She says that she stopped counting the gold medals in international competitions she received. She even won a gold medal at the European Mathematical Olympiad for Girls held in Kyiv last year. That is why we’ve prepared a gift for her.

Kids and a professor from Mathematical High School came to Morph and they gave us an interactive class about robots and artificial intelligence, and we went to their donor evening. It was held in a hotel Crown Plaza on 23rd of December, we participated with $330 and solemnly presented the donation to Jelena of $500.

Talents like these are often overlooked and set aside. We try our best to encourage them and to keep them on a good path by motivating and showing them that knowledge is power.


But that's not all folks!

We didn't want to stop there, so last year in September we were a part of a basketball tournament that was organized by a company FitPass. The idea was to fundraise for the reconstruction of basketball courts in Belgrade and later in other cities of Serbia. Four of our employees participated in a match (and lost gloriously, but that's less important).

Apart from that, every employee donated as much money as he/she wanted to the Wheelchair basketball club Despot. In the end, we gathered and donated $300.

This is a basketball club made of people full of charisma and the will to make their life amazing. All the credits of organizing the money collecting go to the employees.

A thousand dollars more was donated to the Bank of Food in Belgrade and "Philanthropy" - a charitable foundation of the Serbian Orthodox Church dedicated to humanitarian and development programs.

Just Do It - It Feels Goooood

We plan to continue to help the ones in need in any way we can while making a good example and spreading a good word about Morph - and we enjoy that with every fiber of our being. As the company grows, so does our part in social responsibility. We know how important it is and how many people don't even have the basic conditions for living. According to last year's data, more than half a million people in Serbia live with less than $3 a day and they all need our help. Some foundations help them already, but Morph also wants to contribute to making this country into a promised land with a better future. It's what you do, and keep doing, that matters. It would be great if we all participated and made an improved and kinder environment together, so let's make it happen!

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