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Challenges of Outsourcing HR in 2021


Outsourcing HR Functions: Pros and Cons

Each business has its unique ways of establishing a path toward success. In the past few years, we have witnessed that more and more of them choose outsour...

Jun 07
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European Market Potential for Contact Center Services


Europe Offers Great Potential for BPO Services

A range of businesses that must focus on getting excellent call center services is sweeping. Nearly every e-commerce business, bank or insurance company, t...

May 21

Star Wars and Outsourcing Can Have a Lot in Common!


Wouldn't Obi-Wan Nail Customer Service Outsourcing?

If the Star Wars franchise has taught us anything, it is that Samuel L. Jackson will always find a way to use bad words and link some of the engravings on ...

May 13
Star Wars and Outsourcing visual