What Is a Chief Heart Officer and What Can We Learn from Them? 

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Best Workplace Policies a Chief Heart Officer Would Endorse

The field of HR and all related business spheres was always quite dynamic. It all started in 1893. But we won’t go that far. Because our today’s bottom line is - crucial changes for the b...

Apr 07
A senior agent mentoring juniors

Clutch has Recognized Morph as a Leading BPO Company

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Outsourcing has been a largely used business practice for several years now. Both well-established businesses and startups around the globe have been reaching out to reputable third-party...

Apr 02
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What Makes Tony Soprano The Ultimate Master of Delegation?

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TV mobsters and great managers do share some qualities.

The year 1999 was pretty eventful in the US. From a massive snowstorm that has hit Milwaukee and Chicago, through Disney’s rebranding strategy and California’s very own Legoland - it seem...

Mar 29
Tony Soprano