Star Wars and Outsourcing Can Have a Lot in Common!

Outsourcing Read 5 Min

Wouldn't Obi-Wan Nail Customer Service Outsourcing?

If the Star Wars franchise has taught us anything, it is that Samuel L. Jackson will always find a way to use bad words and link some of the engravings on his sword with his early-ninetie...

May 13
Star Wars and Outsourcing visual

Customer Journey Mapping – The Buyer’s Path in a Digital World

Customer Care Read 6 Min

Essential Things You Must Know About Customer Journey

Every single customer has a unique aim, perception of your business and could react differently to the processes and methods they’d encounter. Approaching them rightly and understanding t...

May 03

Shire vs. Harad: Tolkien’s Brilliant Lessons on Outsourcing

Outsourcing Read 5 Min

Attitude vs. Aptitude - Find Your Match

Did you ever stop to think that your business matters can be closely tied to one of the best books ever written? Any Lord of the Rings fan can testify to spotting fragments of this fantas...

Apr 29
shire vs harad