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Providing superior customer experience is paramount for every e-commerce business. Electronic commerce nowadays represents a prominent business model that enables individuals and companies to purchase online.

Jump starting an e-commerce business begins with choosing an adequate platform, and the next steps include the installment of a payment system, the usage of several analytics tools, creating and conducting marketing campaigns, and more.

Still, one of the most significant factors in e-commerce success is customer support. Some businesses choose to focus on providing support through chatbots, while others stick with live-chat options. Whether it’s AI support or human support, both have their own advantages.

Now, let’s see which type of customer support drives the best results for your e-commerce business.

The importance of human customer support

Customer Support teams are equally important as other teams.

Firstly, they represent the direct connection between your customers and your business. Secondly, they increase customer and brand loyalty, improve customer retention, and influence customer lifetime value.

Moreover, excellent customer experience minimizes customer acquisition costs and helps businesses obtain positive testimonials. Customer service representatives’ knowledge, efforts, and dedication represent your brand and speak about your company’s mission and culture.

Not only that customer support decreases expenses, but it drives more financial gains in several ways.

Technological advancements and AI


Humans were always intrigued and fascinated by technology. Today, we are witnessing the increasing tendency to automate processes and services and to create more efficient workforces with the influence of digital tools.

Technology is progressing at such a pace that if we don’t remain well-informed, we will be missing out.

We live in the time of smartphone technology dominance and the era of global digitization, which is proven during the year 2020 more than ever.


Companies were obligated to adjust to the new normal and embrace technology to communicate and remain relevant. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is a compelling and frequently discussed matter that can cause significant human advancement.

Artificial intelligence (AI) indicates human intelligence simulation in machines programmed to reason like individuals and copy their behaviors. Relying on AI is the next logical step to enhance working environments, employees’ performance, and overall results.

AI support and customer support

It is nearly impossible for businesses to stay connected to their customers 24/7, regardless of their size, industry, and customer support teams’ effectiveness. Whether granting constant customer support for existing clients or attracting new leads, companies often spend an immense amount of time managing various communication channels and still struggling to keep up with users, clients, and their requests.

If your business can be automated, you could run several significant processes with a chatbot or AI. It would help if you took the time to go through all of the actions and schemes related to your business’s day-to-day running. Companies cannot simply draw out a customer support staff member and set up a chatbot to replace them. That’s the wrong way to apply technology, and your business will unquestionably suffer the consequences.

Customer support services and sales strategies are often the most accessible areas to measure, improve, and modernize. Also, there are already countless businesses that offer services to help you automate these critical business areas. Still, they cannot help you out if you haven’t taken the time to examine what you want to achieve thoroughly.

Using AI in customer support simplifies the internal processes and helps obtain better results. Even if simplicity and effectiveness are the objectives, implementing chatbots and entering the tech tools to optimize customer relationships requires time, devotion, and profound knowledge.

In conclusion, successful integration of the AI solutions in the customer support roles takes planning and having precise goals.

When to use AI to enhance customer support
  • Your business needs to save time
  • Your customer support team needs to be reinforced due to their scope of work and an extended list of responsibilities and clients
  • You are aware of the pros and cons of the AI chatbots
  • You have taken the necessary steps to estimate this option carefully and desired outcomes
  • Your current team is tech-savvy and comfortable with the usage of AI solutions
  • You are confident that your customers will react positively
  • You have no doubts that AI chatbot can only improve your results and ensure a better customer experience
Pros and cons of AI and chatbots

Chatbots and live chat both have some advantages and disadvantages.

Taking a good look at the positive and negative aspects of chatbots vs. live-chat is crucial.

  • A chatbot can be cost-effective
  • AI solutions offer 24/7 support
  • Chatbots reply promptly
  • Chatbots are consistent
  • Customers often get annoyed when they don’t receive the right answers and information.
  • Customers usually prefer to engage with a human that understands their necessities.
  • Chatbots’ success relies solely on the code and depends on the developer’s knowledge.
  • Chatbots lack personalization.
  • Setting up a chatbot correctly is more time-consuming and tricky than it seems.

If you choose to use a chatbot, consider perfecting your FAQ section.

This will help reduce the risks of customers experiencing difficulties, disappointments, misunderstandings, and ineptitude.

Customer support services – dedicated representatives

Even though we can’t deny the relevance of technology and the benefits of using AI support to automate businesses, customer support can never be done right without human interactions. As we previously stated – customer support represents the link between customers and the company.

Running an e-commerce business properly requires human engagement and perspective. In conclusion, chatbots’ principal purpose is to replace human-to-human interaction.

However, the most suitable way to provide uninterrupted support and maintain a constant connection with clients and customers is to combine dedicated customer service professionals’ knowledge with the perks of AI.

Certainly, customer service can provide an invaluable distinction and label your e-commerce as a superb business. Studies show that 60% of customers choose to quit collaborating with a brand after only one bad service experience.

If the customer’s query is solved during the beginning interaction with customer support, the business is more likely to retain the customer and build a long-term cooperation. In short, providing excellent customer service keeps current customers loyal and eases acquiring new ones.

A well-trained, assertive, and confident customer service team progresses your e-commerce business. Similarly, their experience and communication skills transform your business and expand your customer base.

Advantages of a top-notch customer support team

  • They know your product and believe in it.
  • Customer support representatives accurately describe the actual value of a product or service and build trustworthy relations with customers.
  • Customer support conducted by humans, and their approach can be creative.
  • Excellent customer experience starts with personalization and opens new doors and opportunities.
  • Customer support representatives are the most valuable brand ambassadors and advocates; they immensely contribute to marketing strategies and new marketing possibilities.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude and reflect it on the customers.
  • Providing quick solutions based on each clients’ individual needs, preferences, capabilities, and inclinations.
  • Customer support representatives are great listeners, and their insights help businesses switch their focus and redirect their efforts towards some areas that need refinement.
  • Customer experience based on human interactions is the most credible reflection of company goals and principles.
  • The right approach to customers is the most significant competitive advantage.

Improving customer support service

Firstly, customer support teams need to be up to date, be profoundly familiar with the product, possess vast industry knowledge, and keep up with the market.

In addition to it, customer service representatives need to update their skills and enhance their qualities to drive the best results and increase customer loyalty and the company’s gains.


Excellent customer support can be achieved by:

  • Continuous learning
  • Enhancing communication skills regularly
  • Practicing empathy, patience, and tolerance
  • Adaptability
  • Flexibility
  • Paying close attention to every interaction with customers
  • Effectiveness and obtaining outstanding time-management skills
  • Improving problem-solving skills
  • Asking customers for feedback
  • Being personal
  • Having a strong work ethic

Outsourcing enhances customer service

Perceiving the importance of excellent customer service drives e-commerce businesses to choose an outsourcing company that will take care of this essential field. Outsourcing customer service cancels the risks of over-rewarding support services or providing unsatisfactory service to customers.

In conclusion, outsourcing is a widespread business practice that delivers infinite advantages. Well-trained external customer service teams already possess the right infrastructure and qualified employees, which immediately encourages customer loyalty and increases their satisfaction.

Are you ready to learn more about it?