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In-House VS Outsourcing

The most simple definition of eCommerce says that it refers to the purchasing and selling of products or services through the internet. The fulfillment of these actions includes the transfer of finances and data. eCommerce makes products more accessible. It represents a straightforward sales process, beneficial for business owners and satisfying for customers. When everything, including customer care, is done right.

Which solution works best?

Determining which eCommerce solution is best for your business is crucial. And we’ll cover everything you should know about the pros and cons of in-house eCommerce teams. Most companies eventually reach a stage where they question whether they should engage in outsourcing or develop in-house solutions and teams. The same goes for the customer support service for eCommerce.

Some businesses find it more advantageous to outsource customer care, while others prefer to build in-house teams to interact with customers and help them out. When making a choice, there are several factors to keep in mind, such as company culture and expected growth. Learn about the advantages and drawbacks of outsourcing services and pick the path that suits you.

What is eCommerce customer service and why is it important?

E-commerce customer service outlines a variety of approaches and procedures for offering service and support to customers in online stores. E-commerce businesses provide customers support through a call center, live chat, and different channels. Investing in customer service leads to more loyal customers and considerable conversion rates. Customer support representatives rely on their skills and data when approaching a customer and evaluating their requirements. For this reason, eCommerce business owners must be careful when hiring new staff for these roles. Choosing to hire in-house or finding a BPO company – keep your eyes on the prize.

Excellent customer service is a competitive advantage companies use as an efficacious way to produce a wonderful experience for shoppers.
eCommerce customer service ensures strengthening the trust, building more permanent collaborations, enhancing brand reputation, lessening issues, and reaching lasting business objectives.

Advantages of an in-house customer support team

Customer support outsourcing and forming an in-house customer support team both have its pros and cons. Having an internal department taking care of the customers’ needs and demands undoubtedly has some benefits for the eCommerce businesses.

  • A higher level of company knowledge
  • More effortless monitoring and managing
  • Better security practices
  • Might feel more natural and spontaneous

In-house vs outsourcing customer support service and company knowledge

Even though customer support service representatives at outsourced call centers are qualified professionals, they rarely possess the equivalent level of knowledge regarding your company as the in-house reps would.

Call center outsourcing has countless perks, but it can rarely beat the internal teams in this specific area, according to the criteria you’ve established for customer service and your company culture. In-house employees’ insights will reflect your inner state of affairs more accurately, which can exceed the level of reliability provided to customers when outsourcing call center services.

In-house customer support always provides the correct and suitable information. It quickly resolves customers’ issues. And lastly, there’s frequently an advantage of an in-house customer service team related to their regional knowledge and a mindset that can be more in line with the customers.

Monitoring and Managing

The lack of control represents one of the crucial disadvantages of outsourcing. Although well-trained, organized, and structured, call center outsourcing companies often operate from remote locations and frequently work on a different schedule. Uninterrupted, clear, and timely communication can represent a challenge when your business collaborates with a third-party provider located overseas. Even though different time zones and more coverage represent one of the main advantages of outsourcing, in some aspects, this perk turns into a downside.

Training and recruitment are also more tricky, and it can get hard to accurately perceive the efficiency, motivation, and potential of a remote help-desk team. Some of the potential problems, misunderstandings, or malfunctions could go without noticing and escalate into a major issue later on.

Call center outsourcing, although beneficial in various ways, has its drawbacks. The easiness of monitoring and managing an in-house customer support team can mean that this business practice better suits your eCommerce business.

Minimized security risks

Increased security risks for your company’s data might represent an issue when turning to an outsourcing company. Choosing to outsource means transferring classified business information to third-party employees. The most trivial and seemingly minor data violations and security gaps could cause huge losses and damage to a company of any size. In-house solutions have an advantage over outsourcing for eCommerce businesses when it comes to security.

Customers’ perception

An internal customer care team often provides a more personalized service. They rarely need to rely on scripts, and their tone of voice, representation, and strategies feel more honest and natural. In-house customer support agents can efficiently approach the specific concerns of your buyers and meet their expectations. Scripted interactions appear impersonal. Your customers might notice it and feel insufficiently attended. Every eCommerce business’s principal aim is to ensure customer satisfaction. If you want to fulfill this objective, the customer must feel valued.

Choosing the right outsourcing company can do the trick. Finding a reliable external partner and delegating the duties related to the customer experience is often the right choice. It is difficult to estimate the pros and cons of outsourcing in this particular segment before conducting out-and-out research and being entirely sure about your choice.

The benefits of outsourcing customer support service

Despite the perks of an in-house customer service team, countless eCommerce businesses choose outsourcing. This business practice has become an indispensable part of global organization management. Customer service is among the most generally outsourced job functions, and for a good reason.

Some of the contact center outsourcing advantages include:

  • Successful scaling
  • Flexibility and more availability
  • Immediate access to skilled staff
  • Streamlined processes
  • Reduced costs

Successful scaling

Successful scaling is one of the main concerns of each business, especially when it comes to relatively new companies and startups. These growing pains include all sorts of obstacles, such as cash flow issues, tidal markets, and not focusing sufficiently on long-term goals. Scaling up is challenging, but outsourcing can help businesses diminish the impediments and overcome some of these familiar struggles.

Employing a third-party organization eliminates the most time-consuming tasks from the internal team. One of the most effective ways to save time and create a more productive working environment is call center outsourcing – a key area for every eCommerce websites’ future.

Qualified agents and previously formed teams, used to work with each other and with a proven dynamic, can do wonders for every business. Outsourcing makes up for a shortage of particular skills and leads to more efficiency.


Outsourcing is a way for eCommerce businesses to obtain adaptability and include extra support capacities quickly. Having a third-party customer care team enables companies to have the results and necessary knowledge exactly when they need it the most.

It saves weeks employers would spend on encountering, training, and onboarding new members to provide adequate call center services.

This level of flexibility is a game-changer for numerous eCommerce businesses, especially those that handle seasonal spikes and periodically increased volume of work.


Withing the dilemma In-house vs Outsourcing, one of the most significant benefits of partnering with a call center outsourcing company is extended working hours and availability.

Your business can rely on professional agents who would answer your business calls any time, including weekdays or holidays. Guaranteeing round the clock service involves contact center outsourcing. Making your service more reliable and your business more approachable keeps your customers content and loyal.

Immediate access to skilled staff

Choosing outsourcing services usually grants access to a large and qualified talent pool. With the global talent market is at your business’s disposal. You could partner with a trained team from anywhere in the world right away and start to boost your customer satisfaction more rapidly.

In-House VS Outsourcing

Outsourcing companies connect your eCommerce business with the most pleasant and highly-skilled agents. Oftentimes, for a substantially lower price. A specialized service provider can understand your business goals and customer expectations and recommend suitable strategies to enhance your brand. Call center services provided by an excellent external team impact your business in multiple ways.

They save you time, resources, and bring along new skill-sets, knowledge, and approaches. If you need to simplify hiring and skip some of the time-consuming and cash-burning steps, outsourcing might be the perfect path for you

Streamlined processes

Every business owner globally aspires to focus on core responsibilities and reduce management concerns, regardless of their company’s type, size, and niche. Choosing BPO can help massively with overcoming these common issues. Third-party provider’s internal structure and organization are bound to ensure efficiency, productivity, and desired results. Their teams are independent and will resolve all matters without relying on your business and its in-house staff. Pairing with reputable call center companies helps you streamline your processes and reach your goals with ease. Your internal teams can direct their efforts towards various other vital business areas while your external partner takes excellent care of the customers.

Reduced costs

In the conversation, In-House VS Outsourcing there is no secret, outsourcing, when done right, can save you a lot of time and money.

According to various studies and surveys, businesses can reduce their costs by up to 50% by using outsourcing services. In addition,  It can lessen the operating expenses related to recruiting, hiring, training, and onboarding. When having fewer tasks related to interviewing, evaluating, and hiring new staff, your internal HR department can focus on other goals, priorities, employee satisfaction, and similar objectives.

Having in mind that the customer support outsourcing company manages its agents, infrastructure, and expenses, this business practice is often the most economical. It can notably promote your eCommerce business’s success and financial gain. Less time-consuming processes, more accessible knowledge and simplified staffing (with a lasting positive impact on customer satisfaction) are among the essential benefits of outsourcing.

The persistence of memory

An artistic reference always comes in handy when discussing business-oriented topics. Especially when it accurately depicts the truth about the customers. Customers might forget about some of the features of a product your business is selling. However, they never fail to remember the overall experience. Poor customer service can cause irreparable damage. A lousy reputation and negative testimonials can echo louder than you think. Oftentimes, customer service outsourcing represents an ideal remedy for business owners worldwide.

In addition, it can help businesses get on top of the situation. Excellent purchasing experience and the feeling of appreciation that accompanies it leads to lowering customer churn rate and vanquishes the financial losses related to losing a customer.

In the debate In-House VS Outsourcing, whichever solution you find the best for your eCommerce business, just make sure it is in line with your customers’ expectations.