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Running an eCommerce business successfully is not an easy task. There are many perspectives and segments to deal with, such as the products you’re selling and their quality, excellent service, marketing strategies, brand development, coverage, etc. Planning and executing every duty in-house is often unachievable. eCommerce businesses frequently turn to outsourcing companies for help. eCommerce outsourcing involves collaboration with established third-party service providers. It is beneficial for multiple reasons. Nowadays, more and more eCommerce businesses consider outsourcing as one of the most efficient ways to reach their objectives. There are six roles you should outsource with eCommerce to obtain the best results and promote your business.

What Does eCommerce Outsourcing Entail?

The term outsourcing refers to hiring a team or an organization outside your company to complete specific assignments traditionally performed in-house. This business practice has started to become a fundamental part of business economics more than two decades ago. To this day, more and more eCommerce businesses use BPO companies to cut an extensive range of costs. Outsourcing shifts their focus and streamlines processes. As a result, they grow, scale, and progress easier and more efficiently.

Roles you should outsource with eCommerce include:

  • Sales outsourcing
  • Social Media and other Marketing roles
  • Tech positions (eCommerce website development and maintenance)
  • Website design and Graphic design
  • Customer support and Call center services
  • Accounting

eCommerce businesses tend to outsource these roles to obtain desired results and improve their outcomes. Their primary aims include:

  • Reducing expenses
  • Saving time and being more productive
  • Better quality of products and services
  • Lasting, prosperous relations with customers
  • Leveraging technology
  • Optimizing business management

These are some of the main benefits of outsourcing. eCommerce businesses can unquestionably profit and grow if everything is done right. eCommerce business owners must find the right outsourcing company to enhance their overall approach, reputation, and outcomes.

The Most Frequently Outsourced eCommerce Roles

Sales Outsourcing

Pleasant, knowledgeable, and persuasive sales specialists can progress your eCommerce business. Customers’ needs and demands continuously grow, and their perception of your brand and services determines your success. Sales outsourcing is often the best business practice, and it drives the most favorable outcomes. Sales teams influence customer service and their expertise helps its improvement.

Order Processing Outsourcing

Order processing represents a vital part of an eCommerce sales process that deals with answering customers’ requests and handling orders. It immediately influences customer experience and satisfaction. Conclusively, it translates to your profits and achievement. Sales outsourcing is a proven method to make order processing sleek and increase your customer lifetime value.

Social Media and Marketing roles

Developing and implementing eCommerce marketing strategies is vital to your business. Businesses often choose external teams to perform these tasks on their behalf. Outsourcing to companies or groups experienced in separate areas, such as content marketing, email marketing, or social media activities, will produce better results. Each business is different and, as such, requires different approaches and tactics. Outsourcing marketing roles to qualified and experienced agencies might be the top choice.

Digital Marketing uses tech tools and various online channels to communicate, advance, and grow your brand. Without it, it is nearly unmanageable to run an eCommerce business successfully.

You can find a skilled freelancer or a suitable outsourcing company to take care of:

  • Copy Writing
  • Content Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing

Content Creation Outsourcing for eCommerce

Quality content that feels personalized and speaks clearly to your target audience is tremendously valuable for your eCommerce success. Every online business needs content for its social media presence, ads, blogs, and more. Seeking outsourcing services to promote your content game will increase your customer engagement and make it less time-consuming and complicated to acquire new potential customers.

Excellently composed content helps improve your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance. Better ranking on Google ensures more clicks, views, and visits that ultimately turn into purchases and repeated collaborations. Great SEO makes your website visible by appearing on the first page whenever someone looks for your product or service.

Hence, SEO Content Creation is vital for eCommerce, and outsourcing can help you out with it.

Tech Positions

An eCommerce website should handle all online transactions and make it comfortable and straightforward for customers to select and purchase products or services from a business.

Development is one of the roles you should outsource with eCommerce. Not only do eCommerce companies hire external development teams to build their websites, but they also obtain maintenance services later. The numerous advantages of outsourcing are notable since eCommerce websites must be accessible and responsive 24/7. Each time your website is down, it turns into financial losses and can damage your reputation.

When outsourcing tech positions, your custom-made website can be live sooner. You can count on prompt reactions and quick bug fixes. Also, outsourced development teams will be in charge of implementing new features.

Successful eCommerce business owners are familiar with all the perks of collaborating with skillful and experienced developers and tech specialists. Outsourcing services are usually the most efficient way toward tailor-made eCommerce solutions.

eCommerce Website design and Graphic design

When it comes to eCommerce website development and design, it is always best to reach out to seasoned professionals and seek their services. These fields are remarkably important for eCommerce because the visual design of eCommerce websites enhances aesthetics and visitors’ perception. Outsourcing tasks related to it can be the most effective way to entice potential users.

Just like when you are relying on third-party developers, hiring web and graphic designers outside your team can happen in two manners. You can partner with an outsourcing company specialized in areas you need, or you can hire freelance designers.

Obtaining the most unique and compelling design with the help of outsourcing usually covers:

  • Website Banner Design
  • Email Design
  • Photo Editing
  • Landing Page Design

Customer Support and Call Center Services

Excellent customer service represents a competitive advantage. It generates positive reviews and testimonials, which boosts your brand recognition and expands your customer base. Providing high-quality products takes your eCommerce business halfway to its success. The customer support team does the rest. Angry customers display their discontent as public comments, which can cost you in the long run. Customer support outsourcing is a proven way to minimize the number of outraged customers and adverse comments. Putting your customer satisfaction in the hands of reliable and qualified call center companies has countless advantages.

People rely on reviews and read them to find out how satisfying a product or service was. Researches show that almost 50% of customers would stop buying from a company if they encounter an awful experience. Customer service outsourcing lessens these risks and increases customers’ loyalty.

Time-saving is one of the principal reasons to find a suitable third-party team to take good care of your customers’ needs. Typically, customers reach out for product inquiries, solving ordering issues, returning, or exchanging products. An in-house customer support team may have the knowledge and skills to resolve these issues. However, prompt reactions and responses are the main concern, which is why customer support outsourcing represents the best way to grow and maintain your customer base.


Although accounting and bookkeeping are not directly linked to earnings, they are essential for business support.

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One of the most notable benefits of outsourcing accounting is that it is cost-effective. It helps eCommerce businesses save a lot of money by cutting recruitment and hiring costs, office expenses, training charges, and other financial struggles related to building an in-house team.

Furthermore, outsourcing is usually a time-saving solution. Hiring third-party teams and external organizations to take care of accounting and bookkeeping helps you focus on other areas and increase productivity in other significant domains. A well-organized outsourcing company will take proper care of the supportive roles that enable your eCommerce business to run smoothly.

The Role of BPO in eCommerce

The impact of BPO on eCommerce can be amazingly favorable. Employing external assistance to develop your business and bring you closer to your objectives is bound to drive positive results. Whether you choose to outsource development or design, call center services, or marketing roles, your business will thrive if you encounter the right staff.

Still, customer service outsourcing seems to be the most popular tactic eCommerce business owners implement to form lasting bonds with consumers. eCommerce customer service signifies providing support to customers in online stores throughout each step and request they make. eCommerce businesses can assist customers through an inbound call center, live chat, or other channels. Companies that regularly advance their customer service have more loyal customers and obtain better conversion rates.

Reliable eCommerce outsourcing partners make it happen.