Best Country to Outsource To in 2020 – Serbia Wondering how to lower your costs and to keep the quality of service high?

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Sep 10
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The land of Nikola Tesla, Novak Djokovic and famous scientists who shaped the world as we know it, including the institutions like NASA or projects like Apollo 13, is currently one of the best countries to outsource your business. Having many qualities, Serbia is considered as one of the most promising destinations in Europe and highly ranked as a country where you should hire people to outsource.

Top Reasons to Outsource to Serbia

Clients can get relatively low prices in Serbia for the same high quality of work as in Western Europe or the USA.

According to the Business Insider, the top five countries for outsourcing are China, Philippines, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Vietnam, but that’s mostly because they have larger population and Serbia is a small country.

However, comparing the skill, work ethics and education, here are the best reasons why Serbia should be on the top of that list.




Serbia is located in Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula. The time zone is Central European Standard Time, so employees here have no problem working in US Time Zones in real-time, as the difference between them is 6 to 9 hours. Many business owners that chose Serbia as a country where they outsourced their work now have workers who can provide 24 hours coverage for their customers and in that way have full day service to satisfy their customers’ needs.

Knowledge of English Language

English Proficiency is really high in Serbia, as the English Language is obligatory in every Elementary and High School. According to the EF English Proficiency Index, Serbia ranks as the 17th of 100 countries/regions, and as the 15th out of 33 countries in Europe. As opposed to countries that dub their cultural and entertainment programs, Serbs are listening and acquiring the English language from a very early age. That often means zero accent and highly developed communication skills.

Western Mindset

People in this Balkan state have pretty much the same mindset as the people on the West because of the geographic position. Being in the middle between the West and the East resulted in creating a diverse culture with a very unique society. Having many foreign companies to work in and being given the opportunity to be hired in one of the branches of the worldwide and multinational corporations, Serbian people developed a Western way of thinking.

Hourly & Full-Time Fees

As a business owner, you already know that every good employee is worth his salary. The benefits of having people hired in Serbia to do the work you need means having an excellent value for money ratio. Serbian workforce has much to offer and the salaries vary by the industry, but it is certain that for the same budget in the US, you can hire a lot less people, and stump your growth. Hourly rates can go as 10x lower compared to the US ones, yet you will get the superior knowledge and expertise.

Also, if you are looking for junior skill force, many young people including students have enough free time to work while going to college, so working in an industry that needs them will pay their student loans and give them the experience they need for their further career. You can choose the level of experience and seniority you are looking for, for your outsourcing needs.

Quality-to-Price Ratio

There sure are some outsourced employees that will do the job for a smaller gross income, but bear in mind that the quality may have to suffer. Not a lot of countries that are renowned for being top countries for outsourcing actually meet the level of work ethics and English knowledge like Serbia does. You will save a lot of money by hiring people in Serbia and you won’t lose the quality of the service your business provides. If nothing else, you can improve it even further. Serbia isn’t among the cheapest countries you can outsource your business or parts of it, but you get far more than you are paying for, on par with the best industry standards in your home country. And as we all know, quality attracts business and the better the business, the more profits you will gain. That is something all business owners strive for, naturally.

Internet Quality

Outsourcing demands internet communication with the customer overseas or in another state. Quality of the internet connection and speed is crucial for doing a good job. Based on the data of the website Serbianmonitor, Serbia ranks 12th in the world in internet speed which is much better compared to the other countries that are considered best for outsourcing. According to the website Speedtest, Serbia ranks better than Ukraine, India, Philippines, and Vietnam, by the data from December of 2019 for both mobile and fixed broadband.

Serbian Hospitality

When a company outsources its operations in other countries, it can also bring travel opportunities. Serbia surely is an amazing country for tourism. Everyone who visited went home full of positive impressions. It is a country with beautiful nature and rich history, plenty of landmarks, and a home to breathtaking landscapes. The hospitality of Serbian people will amaze you, as well as the delicious food and nightlife that we are so famous for. Same goes for our client management and good business practices. Sure, we can wine and dine you, but most importantly, we can make your business thrive through our outsourcing services.

What Can You Outsource to Serbia

There are many services that can be outsourced, depending on what your business requires. Spoken from the experience and backed by market research,the most commonly outsourced businesses in Serbia are the following:

Sales (Inbound and Outbound)

One of the top professions is definitely a Sales Representative. Selling the service you own over phone calls or chat, regardless of whether the customers are calling or being called is bringing you more profit. Talented remote teams will improve and expand your trade and bring you more satisfied customers, as well as the returning ones, for a fraction of cost. This means offsetting the business operating costs and taking your sales to another level. Win-win really.

Customer Care Outsourcing

Customer satisfaction is always in the first place, and having a reliable Customer Care agent is crucial for the business you lead. If any damage happens or if the customer files a complaint, a dependable and highly skilled person will need to handle the frustration. Often times positive handling of negative experiences can demonstrate how much you care about your customers. Having a remote team for this aspect of your work, together with Serbian employees who can cover every shift will be more than profitable.

Business Management

Having someone to manage the work that’s being done in your outsourced business is helpful and practical, and it will also take some of the burden off your shoulders. A respectable and motivated person with a strong work ethic can improve your way of leading the company. Many individuals with a specialty in team leading can be found on the Serbian job market and having a virtual team will raise your business revenues.


Freelancers or full-time employees can do the groundwork of doing research for different aspects of your business. For example, they can identify potential customers, find events you should attend or gather market data. The research process can be time-consuming. If you focus all your time and energy on market research, you won’t be able to focus on running a business. Dedicated research assistants can take over these routine tasks. They can conduct research and compile the information in a summarized format that you can quickly go through and is easy to understand. The data doesn’t lie, so you just need a skillful person to compile it without having to pay astronomical hourly fees.

Marketing & Content Management

Advertising and creating the content on your websites is also something that highly ranked employees can do for you for a lower cost than hiring someone in the country where your business is based. There is an abundance of marketing professionals, copy and content writers who are masters of the craft, and you can outsource entire content creation here. In Serbia, you can access higher quality talent at cheaper rates than having an in-house department in your home country. Also, having an external social media team can give these functions the attention they deserve.

Team that gets the job done for a lower price is the great advantage of outsourcing marketing in Serbia. If you are worried about the knowledge of English language, statistics show that most of the people working in the marketing and content creation industry are English language and literature majors.

Outsource Your SEO

Optimizing websites for search engines isn’t an easy task, but you can outsource it to absolute professionals in Serbia. Like we mentioned before, people here are used to working for English-speaking markets, so SEO is just another type of service you can outsource and get amazing results, even if this team is based in Serbia. Gradual yet consistent work on your company’s online presence can increase your ROI by a multi fold.

Tech Support

Outsourcing your technical support is often cheaper than having an in-house team. People in Serbia are technically adept, and will learn everything about your business quickly. That means that you can provide around-the-clock care for your customers and ensure a positive experience arising from their technical difficulty. Nobody likes long wait lines and being bounced from agent to agent. By outsourcing a tech support team you will get professionals who will answer every phone call, ensuring your business gains stellar reputation among your customers.

Outsourcing the IT Department

Creating websites, programming, building the apps and fixing bugs is also more cost-efficient if you choose to outsource it. Every year, Serbia is richer for programmers and IT specialists who have finished higher education, or have practical knowledge and thick portfolios. Pick only the absolute best candidates among frontend and backend devs, software architects, web developers, consultants, and the rest of the IT crowd.

Many of the Serbian certified and experienced IT developers already work for a foreign company, so working for a company abroad will not be anything new or strange to them. The IT sector is in constant growth in Serbia. You can develop bespoke software solutions, apps, SaaS, and anything in between with the IT department outsourcing service.

Conclusion – Should You Outsource to Serbia?

The answer is definitely yes, especially if you find the right outsourcing company who already knows how to develop an outsourced team and manage it. People here are hungry for work, thirsty for knowledge, so you should recognize Serbia and her human resource potential for outsourcing. All in all, you will get above-industry-standards quality at a lower price. Get in touch with us today if you want a free consultation about business outsourcing.

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