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Increased website traffic often boosts your sales conversion rate. Still, in some cases, more visitors don’t imply growth in incomes, customers, or subscribers. For this reason, your business needs more efficient tactics to move forward. Progressing and rising profits require mastering the best tricks to increase the conversion rate. 

Conversion Rate – Definition

This term stands for the percentage of your website visitors that fulfill your aspired goal. The more conversions you get to obtain – the better! Successful marketing strategies and intuitive, user-friendly design substantially impact these results. Indicating the optimal conversion rate is nearly impossible. The figures vary from one industry to another and depend on a company’s type, size, and stage.

A software development company simply does not have the same objectives as a call center. The first tip that will enable you to enhance the desired results is to focus on the industry-related numbers, stats, and proven strategies. 

The Conversion Rate Formula

Once you’ve mastered the terminological segment of your journey, you’ll get to the actionable part.

How do you calculate the conversion rate? There are three ways to do it:


Now, pick an option that complies with your aims and your niche. Keep in mind that this crucial business aspect needs continuous monitoring.

Aligning your efforts and outcomes to form an equation that leads to success is a repetitive task. 





Improving the Inbound Call Conversion Rate

These days, people use their phones for everything. We google stuff, purchase products, look for services, or simply scroll for no apparent reason. Running a call center successfully demands modernization, transparency, and speed. Many customers need support or seek professional reps to help them obtain a specific service. Here’s how you can make their journey more pleasant, comfortable, and stress-free. 

Display All the Information and Phone Numbers Properly

Some statistics suggest that more than 70% of people go straight to the “call” button. Inbound calls are still one of the prime ways to get in touch with a business. Having a customer service team that’s available 24/7 will undoubtedly attract (and retain) more customers. It saves their time and shows you appreciate their needs. 

Pro tip: Make your CTA a phone number. Don’t forget to create this field in a distinctive manner so that your prospective customers can immediately spot it.

Offer a “Callback” Option

People who call to ask for guidance mostly prefer human interaction. They feel more comfortable with live customer service than with AI support. The chance to request a callback is something they’d be satisfied with. It’s more personalized than a text message and far more reliable than an unknown sender’s email. Filling out forms is often tiring and time-consuming, which is why one-on-one talk with call center agents is irreplaceable. 

Make Your Call Center Services Available

It’s not enough to obtain full coverage. You have to advertise it. Let your consumers know that you’re at their disposal. You can do this in multiple ways. You could add an extra button or icon that suggests your agents are open for business. Explore your options and incorporate the fitting one into your website. 

Pro tip: Your contact number can also be displayed in various places on your site. A sticky header could do the deed too. 

Choose the Right People for Your Team


Whether you choose to have an in-house team or explore the benefits of outsourcing, people who interact with your customers are in charge of increasing your conversion rate.

Moreover, they represent your brand and determine your future success.

Hiring suitable individuals for your contact center gives you a head start. With the right mindset and some employee training – your team will reach its objectives in no time. 



Learn How To Create an Effective Sales Funnel

Not every user who examines your company’s website is ready to purchase from you. Calling a potential consumer who is not willing to engage can help lead them in a desirable way. However, it can also discourage them from the idea or divert them from a natural acquiring decision.

How to recognize the importance of an effective sales funnel? Once you’ve stepped into any local store and wished the staff was a bit less “at your disposal,” – you can grasp how being too available can cause adverse results. Hence, never make contact immediately after a potential buyer lays eyes on your webpage. Let them explore a little before offering guidance.

Firstly, you should establish an organic connection with a consumer. Only this way, you can count on a higher call center conversion rate.

Tips for Website Optimization

Your online presence is your identifier. All social media accounts that promote your business must be impeccable. Nevertheless, your website is the most powerful vessel that drives income. The first thing your potential customers will appreciate is simplicity. All your public pages must be uncomplicated and easy to navigate. To do so, use these proven tricks: 

  • Share quality content
  • Highlight the most important parts 
  • Make the headlines stand out
  • Know your SEO
  • Watch out for the page loading speed
  • Optimize your site for mobile devices
  • Avoid distractions and colors that don’t fit in 

Additionally, offer your customers some extra value. Provide them with testimonials and useful tips from your loyal customers.

Pro Tip: Optimizing a webpage requires covering multiple fields of expertise. The need for obtaining diverse skills fast makes hiring a little more tricky. Outsourcing often comes as the best idea.

Since you’ll be wanting to have qualified developers, designers, marketers, SEO specialists, and others but your side – encountering a reliable BPO company might easily be the top choice.

You’d save a significant amount of time and money, and you’d scale your growth with practically zero growing pains.

What Causes a Low Conversion Rate?

There’s no such thing as the easy way to predict customer behavior before bumping into a wall or two in the process.

Nevertheless, learning about some common mistakes will help you avoid making them. 



The list of typical reasons for having lousy conversion rates includes:

  • Website issues, starting with improperly composed and placed CTAs,
  • Your site and contact forms feel like a chore; avoid bouncing by simplifying them,
  • Your mission, vision, and values don’t speak to users
  • Distractions all around – popups, design malfunctions, adds, etc. 



If we seek other sales slips, we can tell that things that make customers turn their backs of a business are:

  • Poorly planned and implemented marketing with unspecific goals
  • Bad estimations and targeting the wrong groups
  • Slow or insufficient feedback and follow-ups.

Know who you’re selling to and build your site to match those targets. Your pages must be clear and simple to navigate, and your content should be fresh, visible, and searchable. Additionally, always strive to pay some extra attention to your CTA. This way, your call center will work better than ever.

Put These Tips & Tricks Into Practice

Determining and fixing the bad and the ugly when it comes to customer experience, relations, and habits seems like a slippery-slow. However, researching typical misfires, errors, and the most frequent pain-points will give you an idea or two.

Your call center can and should skyrocket their conversion. Put these proven tips into practice and build a sales funnel you’ve always aspired to. As straightforward as it may be – you might need some external help.

Choose the best outsourcing company to help you complete these tremendously important assignments.