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If there’s something that’s been becoming increasingly widespread – it’s undoubtedly the online shopping phenomenon! E-stores have been collecting superb reviews & reaching whopping figures because of their simplicity, transparency, and fair prices. But, do you know about the importance of hot innovation trends in eCommerce? Trust us – you will need this information in order to get the best results. 

As usual – tech expansion has a lot to do with the novelties in this domain. But that’s not nearly the end of the fresh tendencies you should explore. Take a deep dive and use our guide to reach your objectives! 

What is eCommerce?

Prior to covering all the hot, new innovation trends in eCommerce, it’s necessary to comprehend the basic definition of the term itself. This famous practice means buying and selling particular products or services online. Also, it implies the transfer of money and data and enables all purchases to run smoothly. Some online stores are just huge. Take Amazon as the most popular example. However, most are relatively small. Still, each one has a somewhat similar agenda – to conquer the market and drive superb results. 

So, how do you start an eCommerce business? First, you must learn about the business models. Then, you will have a whole lot of market research on your hands, including the current tendencies, gaps, target audience, and more. Now, it might seem like a lot of legwork. And it is – but it will be worth the while! Wanna know how? Just stick around. We’ll be canvassing the key reasons and awesome stats.

Why is eCommerce so popular?

There are quite a few noteworthy pros (and cons) of eCommerce. But one fact is indisputable – this business practice is here to stay! How come? Well, first of all, people just love simplicity and comfort. And what’s a better way to grant them both than by selling your goods or services online? And with a well-optimized website, mobile-friendly experience, and terrific customer service, the results will be just astonishing! Affordability is another perk from customers’ point of view. And the lovely thing is – business owners still get to skyrocket their profits. 

Mind-blowing stats to keep in mind

According to Statista, China still has the leading role in this domain. However, Amazon takes the prize when it comes to the number of monthly visits. Here are some more figures that will help you if you’re planning to start your very own e-business:

  • 70% of buyers came through their smartphones,
  • PayPal and its popular alternatives were preferred by most online shoppers in Europe,
  • eCommerce is expected to make up a dazzling 22% of retail sales worldwide by 2023,
  • Free delivery is the key reason for people to buy online,
  • Discounts, excellent reviews, and simple return policies are the reasons that follow,
  • Almost 34% of consumers compare prices before buying,
  • More than 80% do meticulous research before shopping,
  • Nearly 70% of shopping carts get abandoned. 

So, these figures should offer you some valuable insights. The key takeaway would be to mind your website, make it easy to navigate and mobile-friendly, and know what your competitors are about so that you can step up the game. In addition, offer your customers multiple choices when it comes to both payments and contacting support. That way, you will secure brand loyalty, reduce churn rate, and attract returning customers

What are the major trends in eCommerce?

We’ve seen how everything can change in a snap. Shopping has taken a turn for the safe, simple, and very comfortable. So, the plan is to keep it that way by adding a hint of the hot innovation trends in eCommerce. Including a voice search, paying extra attention to customer awareness, granting a splendid experience, and stepping up the marketing tactics are some of the things to take into account. 

Simple voice search

It is about time to admit it: voice technology has smoothly entered each pore of our lives. And once again, Google has come up with some new guidelines for optimizing every eCommerce stores’ content for voice search.

Here’s a piece of great news: voice-enabled buttons will surely capture a larger audience. And this emerging technology is a good way to stay ahead of the competition. Voice assistants are the future. They will find restaurants on our behalf, run multiple searches, and help us shop. So, don’t miss out on this latest trend. Use your (SEO) strategy and utilize the keywords and phrases for voice search queries. That will certainly bring the amazing results you aim for.

Customer awareness & user experience

Consumer awareness is a huge part of any brand’s marketing and communications strategy. It includes full transparency and a high level of knowing your audiences’ needs. So, to gain consumers’ trust and provide them a positive experience, start by educating them. Help them get the most of your product or service. Capture the true value proposition & put it out there for the world to see! Take these steps:

  • Know about the category of customers who are interested in the goods you’re selling,
  • Create an efficient marketing plan to target your focus customer group
  • Describe the strengths and advantages of the products to your buyers and help them see how your product will solve their problems 

Once you’re done with this segment, all you need to do is keep up the good work. 

Now, here are a few ingredients that make or break your customer experience: 

  • Fast and effective shipping methods
  • Timely and accurate responses
  • Reasonable prices
  • Easily searchable and user-friendly website
  • Smooth checkout experience

Wow your shoppers with these simple tricks. It’s more than a trend. It’s a formula for a bright future! 

Content & video marketing 

There is no big veil of mystery around this domain. You simply must create quality content and promote it well. Write, document, take photos and include video materials. Use social media as your brand’s major ally. Make all of your content unique and exciting, so customers will never forget your brand.

Now, let’s not forget about SEO. Use it through and though: when writing a blog or an article, on the pages you manage, in the hashtags, captions, and even – video materials! How so? Well, YouTube is the second largest search engine. Surprised? Don’t be, explore it. A properly tagged video will bring more visitors and can ultimately contribute to getting more conversions! 

Technology dictates hot innovation trends in eCommerce

The Tech industry is progressing at the fastest pace. It has reached each and every single aspect of our daily lives and our jobs. It reshapes all experiences, shopping included! The key technology trends in eCommerce include artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and big data. These progressions will really change the game for many – so make sure to learn about them! 

AI will boost search functionalities

We are already witnessing the massive impact of AI on eCommerce. Chatbots were the first signs of approval: the ultimate customer support many gladly embraced. But now, there’s so much more to it. Businesses across the globe are relying on the Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities of AI to boost search results for potential online shoppers. How so? First, they enable users to narrow down their search. They give it a more manageable context and help them find precisely what they need. Also, AI applications for facial recognition will enable traditional brick-and-mortar stores to spot and retarget their buyers. That’s just to name a few perks of artificial intelligence. 

Augmented Reality (AR) is what you need

AR is unquestionably one of the most amazing eCommerce technology trends. And it will become even more important in the years to come. Remember Pokemon GO? Well, it has set a standard that keeps on making a huge mark in the eCommerce world. Its influence comes in the form of location-based AR, which is basically relying on GPS and similar gizmo to spot a device’s location. And yes – it will shape up the future of eCommerce and boost the shopping experience. It is bound to offer personalized services to all consumers, which will have a positive impact on their experience and make them want to shop again. 

Big Data and Analytics are unavoidable

Major brands worldwide have embraced big data analytics long ago. The main reason was to acquire vital information for better decision-making. However, more and more online retailers, even the small ones, are turning to data analytics for assessing customers’ preferences. This approach also helps them predict customer behavior and market trends. Lastly, big data contributes to enhancing inventory management by allowing a highly personalized customer experience and optimizing pricing ranges. Forecasting new, hot innovation trends in eCommerce and super powering customer service will be a piece of cake if you collect and use the insights. 

Learn about these innovation trends in eCommerce & win big!

Following innovation trends in eCommerce is a formula for success. Grasping these original concepts will help you boost your game. Still, it’s not the sole way to acquire & retain customers. You will still need to rely on the actual human approach, empathy, and the ability to provide people with what they need. Plus + count in the new features and maintenance (because that’s the tech aspect you must focus on first). 

So, if you seek help in the domain of web development or with offering fantastic customer support – it’s best to look for a reliable outsourcing partner! Combine the good old ways with the latest thing out there: and you have yourself a recipe for triumph!