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Outsourcing has been a largely used business practice for several years now. Both well-established businesses and startups around the globe have been reaching out to reputable third-party teams to request their services. However, the game has changed. Nowadays, outsourcing is far more than just delegating specific tasks and functions. It is about people. And, since Morph is recognized as a leading BPO company, we know we’ve done something amazing. Besides following industry trends and moving in the right direction, we strived to provide extra value for both our clients and employees.

This is our story.

A Brief Intro With Morph

Our story began in 2015. Ever since then, we’ve been making a difference. Through a strong company culture, employee training, and staying fresh with all the industry trends, we’ve come a long way from where we have started. Firstly, we offer excellent call center services to our clients. But that’s not all. Morph always aims toward customized experience and best possible outcomes in several fields, such as sales and order management and customer care.

We have recently found out that Morph has been recognized by Clutch as a top-performing BPO company. Clutch is the most credible review site and a top resource for data-driven content related to all aspects of B2B businesses.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized by Clutch for our quality of service! What’s more rewarding is the fact that our clients’ reviews put us in the conversation, so knowing they’re happy with our work really drives us to continue to develop!”

— Morph Chief Executive Officer

High-Quality Call Center Services

There are countless business process outsourcing companies out there. Each one offers a set of services to cover a specific niche. Organizations worldwide outsource all kinds of roles and responsibilities, from development and design, through social media, marketing, writing and SEO, to HR roles. Still, call center outsourcing is one of the most popular (and efficient business practices). Wondering why? Here’s what you must know:

  • 58% of customers say that customer service is a decisive factor for them.
  • 36% of customers state that the agents’ lack of knowledge is the most frustrating thing that can happen during their interaction with a brand.
  • More than 50% of customers believe that the brands don’t take their feedback seriously.

Do these stats lie?

Here at Morph we have set our minds on overcoming the difficulties most call centers face. Moreover, we’ve directed our attention toward the customers and their preferences. And everyone has gained a lot.

What Else Is There?

So, as we mentioned, call center services are an integral part of our services.

Still, BPO companies like us offer a lot of other services as well.
What’s on the menu? Take a peek:

  • Voice and non-voice,
  • back office,
  • staff augmentation,
  • and more.

We are focused on providing custom-made solutions primarily to small and medium-sized businesses.
Morph drives sales and builds and strengthens customer loyalty.

We save time, money and increase coverage.
With us, company owners can relax and focus on other core areas.
More Stats and Numbers? Bring it on!

Now, these are some of our figures. We follow all essential KPIs and metrics. That way, we always stay on top of things. And if something needs to be boosted, fixed, or changed – we’re on it in a matter of seconds.

  • 97% of calls answered within 2 rings,
  • 20 millions calls handled each year
  • $30 million in yearly revenue

Back Office and Scaling a Team

We have dealt with explosive scaling, and we created the ultimate solution. Simplicity and productivity were the keys to success. So, we eased the struggles for one of our very important clients, Cross Country Movers. This is a California-based moving company dedicated to providing the highest quality relocation services across the United States.

It was founded in 2016. and they have grown rapidly. Keeping up with the demands was nearly impossible.
Morph helped them overcome their problems by offering an easy solution. We have created a rock-solid core team. It was a group of 5 people, and each of them was specialized to handle the different aspects of the business. Later, we set up a system that allowed us to build entire teams around these specialists.

As they were passing their knowledge and experience onto every new team member, the whole story has shifted to an entirely new level. We have increased the booking rates, obtained the best possible reviews, and brought in $15 million of revenue each year.

BPO Company Culture and Values

Team culture is of the essence. There’s no sustainable business that doesn’t take good care of its employees. And we’ve never had a hard time defining ours. We just clicked.

  • It all started with well-organized and structured interviews. When we find a match – it’s definitive.
  • After giving a warm welcome to new team members, we always take extra care about the proper onboarding process. Regardless of the role and function within the team, teaching someone how we operate was always a top priority.
  • The hyper-competition was never our thing. We reach our goals and crush our milestones easily by relying on each other.
    And, you know what? We’ve erased the gap between the management and the rest of the workforce. Communication was the key. And it still is.
  • Lastly, we conduct performance reviews and reward the top performers.

Plus, can we not mention the extra activities we’ve come up with? The one we’re most proud of was fundraising through a good ol’ shoot-em-up tournament. If you wonder what a combination of gaming, fun, team-bonding, and fighting for the right cause looks like, this is definitely it.

Reviews and Testimonials: Morph’s Clients Appreciate Our Efforts

Rule number one on how to spot a reliable BPO company: read their reviews and testimonials carefully. Nothing says more about a team than the organizations that have been collaborating with them.

Here’s what our clients said about Morph:

“Morph does a really good job overall. They just need to keep in mind why they’ve been hired, and what they’ve been hired to do.”
— Director of Operations, Technology Solutions Provider

“The difference between our business since we started working with them is night and day. Without them, I don’t think I would be where I am today. They’ve taken full responsibility for the administrative department which has been so helpful.”
— President & CEO, Merchant Chimp

Choose the right outsourcing company and enjoy the results in no time.

Why Morph Is a Leading BPO Company

According to Clutch’s 2021 research, Morph Networks is one of the top fifteen leading BPO companies in California. If you’ve seen our statistics and results, you can have an idea why businesses love to work with us. If our expertise and fields we can help out with spark joy, let’s chat. Experienced professionals from our team await to make your brand stellar and help your revenue skyrocket.