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Outsourcing has evolved and became more patterned and regulated. All processes have become more people-driven than price-driven. These alterations have leveled the playing field and ensured that there’s much to look forward to regarding the future of outsourcing. It has, beyond any doubt, transformed the way businesses worldwide operate. And because of that, you should get familiar with the topic and grasp the significant changes that have been happening. 

Know the Terms

The term stands for a widespread business method that implies dedicating specific services or job functions to a qualified third-party team. This external team performs particular tasks, handles necessary operations, or provides services.

The outsourcing company, typically referred to as the service provider or a third-party provider, organizes its employees to complete the tasks or services either on-site at the hiring company’s offices or at an external location. 

Outsourcing Services 

roles you can outsource

Outsourcing is often an appealing idea. It saves companies’ capital, time, and resources, among other things. Outsourcing customer services is one of the most frequent business practices. 

Hiring an external team to take charge of customer service can cut expenses significantly. More than 50% of all companies employ third-party customer support teams to obtain better customer experience and form long-lasting connections. Outsourcing customer care services to reliable agents and representatives influences customer retention and CLV. Researchers estimate that the outsourced customer care services industry will convert into a $110 billion industry by 2024.


Companies have several reasons to outsource customer support services:

  • Outsourcing increases support coverage promptly.
  • Third-party customer service teams increase global coverage.
  • Outsourcing helps businesses streamline repetitive assignments.
  • Scaling up represents another reason to outsource. 

Aside from customer support services and call centers, organizations frequently outsource a variety of other duties and positions. 

And the list of roles suitable for outsourcing does not end there. However, there’s more to the future of outsourcing. Besides small operational tasks, more and more businesses choose to outsource high-end functions and processes. In addition to it, outsourcing to new countries and areas has become the fitting choice for countless organizations. During the year 2020, brand-new outsourcing trends have emerged. Here’s what we can expect.


The Future of Outsourcing: Important Trends 


If you are hoping to find an ideal outsourcing partner, things are looking bright for you. The same goes for those who are contemplating starting their outsourcing company. Outsourcing is expected to become even more relevant in 2020 than it was before. Outsourcing businesses tend to shift their approach and mindset towards their work by emphasizing the process and the people involved.

Because of the better solutions, a larger pool of potential clients, and advanced security, outsourcing will become more beneficial and reliable.

Hence, more businesses will consider it. 

Most outsourcing partnerships used to be price-driven in the past. However, this old trend is improving, and today the center of attention has shifted onto the process and the employees. It is bringing not just companies but also the world together. 


Outsourcing High-end Processes

important trends in outsourcing


The variety of outsourced services is also increasing rapidly.

In 2020, businesses are starting to outsource their high-end critical processes, which allows them to achieve more than while outsourcing was reserved primarily for small operational tasks.

Businesses that outsource solutions will aim to present their partners with more stability and security.

Hence, companies that are more stable and competent in enabling crucial functions outsourcing are predisposed to a competitive advantage.


Outsourcing operations and single activities is still the most common practice. Still, many non-core roles and projects are suitable for outsourcing in mature and competitive markets.

Consequently, companies in these markets are beginning to push the lines and move outsourcing into more core and advanced business areas. This transition entails breaking structural constraints and shifting internal limits without giving up control over the company’s strategic direction.

Businesses Have Focused on New Areas

The areas and countries companies usually targeted to obtain outsourcing business partners are changing as well. It seems that Europe is offering a more appealing talent market than India or Latin America. The list of the best countries to outsource to now contains new locations and incorporates more prosperous companies to meet. The European market is versatile.

The benefits of outsourcing to a European country include a strong work ethic and culture among the talent, highly skilled and educated professionals, excellent knowledge of English and other languages, and a great quality-to-price ratio. The Balkans peninsula represents the perfect location to outsource to, principally because of the vast number of hard-working professionals in this area who possess the necessary experience and a western mindset.

Outsourcing to Serbia

Serbia is one of the leading countries when it comes to choosing a location to outsource your business to at the moment. It is recognized as one of Europe’s most favorable destinations and highly ranked as a country where companies can encounter the most qualified and reliable people. Time zone is another advantage of outsourcing to Serbia.

Hiring dedicated teams from this area suits the US companies since they would obtain more coverage, and all of the potential issues would be resolved timely. Dedicated professionals would be responding to clients’ and customers’ requests swiftly, and their efforts would lead to enhancing the overall outcome. 

Learn more about outsourcing to Serbia.

Outsourcing Remains Budget-friendly

The positive impact on the company’s budget represents one of many benefits of outsourcing. Nowadays, small businesses and startups more frequently turn to outsourcing to reduce costs, reach a wider talent pool, increase productivity, and deliver better products or services.

The financial benefits of outsourcing surpass the reduction of costs related solely to hiring and employment taxes. Organizations that choose to outsource parts of their work save a substantial amount of cash by not renting a physical office space, minimizing transportation costs, etc.

Considering the soaring prices of oil, logistics, and materials, the possibility of outsourcing is becoming more worthwhile for many businesses across the globe. 

Small businesses & Startups

Small businesses are acknowledging the numerous reasons that make the future of outsourcing bright. Today, many early-stage startups and small companies consider hiring a third-party organization to overcome operational shortcomings and improve their time to market. Starting a business implies taking extra care of the budget, employees and their well-being, hiring processes, building the employer brand, finding and attracting clients or customers, and more.

Focusing on these tasks can become an obstacle when producing a high-quality product or an excellent service. No in-house team can be simultaneously productive in every field. This is exactly the logic of small businesses and startups that are spotting the benefits of partnering with the right outsourcing company. 

The Future of Outsourcing Looks Promising.

Even though more and more companies recognize the advantages of outsourcing, the never-ending debate regarding the pros and cons of outsourcing never finalizes. Some of the disadvantages of outsourcing that cause the business owners to question whether this practice would work well for them include the lack of control and the inability to monitor teams’ performance, potential misunderstandings, or altering some time frames.

Nevertheless, all of those cons can be overcome by implementing the most appropriate strategies and organizing the scope of work properly. That is – every issue or impediment is easy to soften or vanquish if you choose the right outsourcing partner. That way, you will be capable of building mutual trust, and maintaining excellent and transparent communication.

Despite the potential negative aspects some people have observed, outsourcing is continuously growing. Regardless of their sizes and specialties, organizations now adopt outsourcing and gradually enhance, reinforce, and expand their business. Both startups and large enterprises continue to use outsourcing services to gain a competitive advantage. And the majority of predictions testify in favor of their choice.

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