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We’re not a family, we’re a company. We don’t offer you a dynamic work environment but a very cool office with very cool folks. There’s no competitive work environment, only your colleagues with the same goal as you – to do their job as best they can. All of that is what an ideal team culture is made of if you ask us here at Morph. We aren’t luring new candidates with generic corporate BS but with genuine care and a lot of fun at work. We had a little chat with our colleagues to see what they had to say about what makes a perfect team at work.

Is There Such Thing as an Ideal Team Culture?

Company culture is the primary set of guiding principles that determines how a business will look on a daily basis as it aims to achieve its long-term objectives, steering employees in their interactions with management, clients, and stakeholders.

So, what would be an amazing company culture and team culture?

Some say that it’s when employees share a sense of purpose, understand and respect the roles of each other, and have a good organization as a priority. Ideal team culture is strong, and it means that everyone feels celebrated as an individual while they try to align their values and working practices. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the ONLY thing a company needs to call their team culture ideal.

It’s All About Preferences

Performance, effectiveness, and satisfaction of employees depend mainly on the type of community built inside the company. Sure, some things are essential, and there’s no good functioning without them, but we think there’s more for someone actually to want to come to work. We believe that that depends on the favorable treatment each team wants and practices.

People in an office working and having fun

Morph has built and strives to maintain a community of happy and satisfied employees.

What Kind of Company Is Morph?

We hope that if someone Googles “the coolest company ever,” Morph will come up as the first (unpaid) result. And the reason behind that is Morph’s corporate culture that’s blended with great team culture.

As you can sense from the tone of our blogs, we aren’t exactly official when it comes to communication. We operate as several teams of similarly aged employees with a shared sense of humor, which is, in our case, mostly about being creative when it comes to insults. And none of the offenses are taken because we know that there are no bad intentions, only fun. When someone does or says something stupid or ingenious, be sure that everyone will remember it and talk and make jokes about it.

We also have several team members that already have a reputation, so you can find a legend in every department. The fact that we’re all bilingual makes even more space for laughs.

We Take Ideal Team Culture Very Seriously

When doing the tedious search to find a perfect match for one of our teams, our HR has a big task – to hire somebody who will fit in our not-so-ordinary atmosphere. As we mentioned, our employees enjoy respect and support, but we need someone who won’t take a joke personally and who will know to respond. It’s not easy, we know, especially in today’s PC culture. However, our opinion is that a good joke must not fall out. Even if it’s directed to the CEO. We think that censorship is the root of every bad company culture.

What Should the Ideal Team Culture Look Like?

We had a little walk through the office and asked our colleagues what they consider an ideal team culture and what would be the tips to boost teamwork. Here’s what the great minds had to share:

  • Informal communication – We think that it’s essential for a good vibe in an office that the conversations aren’t strict and official. We like to talk to our managers as we would with our friends – but this doesn’t apply to the underperforming sales reps; they don’t get the privilege.
  • Relaxed atmosphere – One of the main things for our colleagues to want to come to work is the fact that they know that the atmosphere in the company is chill and fun. When we work, we work. But when we take breaks for lunch or simply to grab a breath from being so productive and having an amazing interaction with customers, we know that it will be hilarious. There are always pranks, jokes, fun stories, and chilling. And we love that.
  • We’re all of the similar age – It can be hard to find a common language with someone if the age gap is too big. The fact that we’re all somewhere between 20 and 35 years old makes it so much easier. Still, Millennials and Gen Z have a hard time understanding each other.
  • A shared sense of humor – Once again, crucial for our company is that we all get the same jokes. In live communication and online, memes and comments are all in the same tone – funny and witty.
  • Even though everything is casual, we still get work done – The manager said we must mention that we also work here, so there’s this bullet as well.
  • Team leaders are true leaders – Ok, this is not instructed by the manager. Our team leaders really are here to guide and stand behind each one of their team members.
  • Our well-being is above any profit – No work here gets done over someone’s back. Each employee is our biggest asset, and goals or profits can come before that. We also care deeply about preventing burnout, and there’s, of course, an option for remote work.
  • Nobody micromanages – This is something we’re extremely proud of. Forget about somebody looking over your shoulder to see what you have done so far and telling you how you should do it. You’re hired as an expert in your field, and you’re here to perform.
  • We get to develop professionally – Morph’s employees come with a set of skills that’s gradually extended as the person shows interest in growing their knowledge. Graphic designers learn new tools; sales agents become client acquisition agents; team leaders become managers… You get the picture.
  • We shape the team culture together – Even though we have the requirement of a delicate sense of humor, we still adapt and create the team culture together. We care about each person that works here, and we want everyone to feel accepted and celebrated.
A man on a break at work holding a joystick and playing

We think having a relaxed atmosphere in an office is crucial for better productivity.

Should Employees Be Friends?

With this kind of team culture, employees inevitably become friends and start hanging out before and after work. The longer we know each other, the more we feel as if we’re at home and not in the office. Pros of coworkers being friends are quite obvious – there’s trust, people are engaged more in daily activities, communication is clear, and there’s a higher quality of work and productivity. This also applies to bosses and coworkers being friends.

However, there are some cons to these situations. Healthy competition might become not so friendly, there can be distractions at work, privacy and professionalism can be compromised, and work-life balance can cease to exist.

In our opinion, many things take part in this dilemma, but we think we’ve found a healthy balance. We’re still friends outside of work while being productive and hitting goals each month.

A Company With an Ideal Team Culture Is a Perfect Future Partner

When partnering up with someone who has a perfect atmosphere among their employees, you’re getting yourself someone stable and interesting to work with. Companies with excellent team culture are balanced and lasting, so you can rely on them as your ally.

If you’re currently searching for an outsourcing partner, contact us. Morph provides superb customer support and inbound sales with agents that will work exclusively for you while providing impeccable service to your clients. Reach out to learn more about how fun it is to work with us, but only if your sense of humor is good.