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According to The Manifest – Morph has become one of the most reviewed mobile app teams in Serbia throughout 2021.

It seems like BPO companies know their ways around the market. Outsourcing, as an immeasurably efficient and widespread business practice, steals the show nearly every time. And Morph Networks is striving to remain at the very forefront of these successful firms. Our expertise was tested and proven more than once. And the team we keep on expanding is reaching and conquering new areas and niches. Now, we have been perceived as one of the leading mobile development BPO firms in Serbia.

Get ready for more of Morph

The idea of Morph was shaped a few years back, and it finally came to life in 2015. So, we’ve been collecting insights and doing our best to help companies out from that day on. Enabling steady growth through our top-tier outsourcing services is the prime aim we have set and pursued. It all began by gathering a sales team. But, as a business flows in the right direction, its client base and reach must expand. And so does the range of high-quality services they offer. And that’s when we jumped on board and added all the right ingredients.

So, we started this journey by sharing our masteries and efforts with a US-based moving company. The rest is history.

Crushing on Cali: Training & development done by Morph

So, morphing teams is what every business with aims set straight toward success needs. And it’s precisely what we grant them. The small sales team from 2015. has grown. Now, 2016. has plenty more to offer. Different times entail different challenges. And so, our agents got paired up with a California-based full-service tech company.

They showed up with some well-known struggles. Tricky and uncertain hiring takes, similar impediments, lengthy processes, and cash burnouts were among their principal concerns. Then, we began to solve these issues together.

Here’s how it worked – our skilled professionals have taken on responsibilities that helped our clients cut costs and simplify their hiring process. Morph was in charge of screening and interviewing prospective candidates. Later on, once new hires were welcomed aboard, we trained them. Onboarding, coaching, and mentoring new agents were the mission we gladly accepted and turned into pure gains and content. In short, our tasks included growing and scaling a team, followed by amplifying their skills and taking good care of their experience. That way, we boosted employee morale and retention + made the profits skyrocket.

Statistics have our back: Impressive figures & proven formula for success

Aside from sales and staff augmentation and training, we’ve expanded our expertise. Our US clients could rely on us to obtain top-notch call center services too. Here are the figures we tracked, which lead to thrilling results and unquestionable reputability:

  • 97% of calls answered within 2 rings,
  • 20 million calls handled each year
  • $30 million in yearly revenue

At this point, we are the right partner for those who are eager to unlock the secret to superb customer experience.

Tomorrow’s no mystery – because today we have another valuable recognition

The past two years will be remembered as an extremely turbulent era. Businesses across the globe struggled to keep up with new practices, remote work, technologies and tools, and the whole shift that felt like it came out of the blue. However, for us, 2021. is marked by a major success. First, we gained a huge acknowledgment when Clutch showed the world that our very own company is a leading BPO firm. And now, Morph was identified by The Manifest as one of the most reviewed mobile app teams in Serbia for 2021. We’ve taken a huge step forward and granted another professional service – software development.

The Manifest is a tested platform – and you should check them out!

Each business has faced the same dilemma at some point – should we outsource or invoke the good demigods of in-house hiring? Well, if you go for outsourcing, which can be hugely beneficial in the long run, don’t skip this platform. Visit them and verify your potential partner’s dependability and professionalism. Remember, you must seek a BPO company that delivers exactly what they’ve promised and does it in a predetermined time frame, regardless of your niche. Only with a steady outside team can you enjoy the actual benefits of outsourcing.

Keep on moving up & morphing into the firm you want to be

So, this year brought us another triumph. And we’re more than happy to hear that a tried-and-true B2B platform like The Manifest found us as a BPO company with massive potential. Finally, we’re feeling thankful for our entire crew and the clients who’ve put their trust in us throughout these years.

Let’s make many more memorable ones & go big together!