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The field of HR and all related business spheres was always quite dynamic. It all started in 1893. But we won’t go that far. Because our today’s bottom line is – crucial changes for the better are happening now. And they are yet to come. Do you know what is a Chief Heart Officer? It is one of the fresh roles that will spice up the scene. It stands for being in touch with the heartbeat of every single person in the company. That is, in the words of Claude Silver, an accomplished Chief Heart Officer and a creator of multiple awesome business and people-oriented practices. Today we will explore this amazing role, its impact, and other great customs business owners and HR managers should know about. 

What Is a CHO in Business?

The abbreviation CHO actually refers to a Chief Happiness Officer. To be frank, this role is a bit more popular and widely established. However, the two CHOs have numerous similarities. A Chief Happiness Officer stands for the person who is in charge of the employees’ well-being and overall satisfaction. And we all know it – happy employees render the best possible outcomes. So, the purposes of this role are both practical and motivational. 

Aiming toward happiness in the workplace and positive employee experience are the prime denominators these two roles share. And yet, the idea of a Chief Heart Officer is a bit more complex and substantial. It reaches beyond traditional HR. It represents real growth. 

Meet Claude Silver to Understand What Is a Chief Heart Officer.

Claude Silver is the Chief Heart Officer of VaynerMedia, a thriving digital marketing agency. In addition to the brand consulting, this large firm offers much more. Their prime aims are to develop social strategies and create quality content for social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

And to grasp who Claude Silver truly is, we just needed to take a peek at her LinkedIn profile. Emotional optimism is the term that defines and holds her entire career together. And her daily routine consists of reaching out to people, having one-on-one meetings, talking and resolving issues by text messages, emails, or through quick phone calls. And in a continuously growing agency, roughly translated into numbers, Claude has up to 20 meetings each day. 

So, what is it like to work at VaynerMedia? 

According to candidates, former, and current employees, most of the experiences posted publicly were satisfying. Besides Claude, there’s another person who is thrilled by positive reviews and by the fact that their CHO model started to become increasingly popular. That person is Gary Vaynerchuck, the company’s CEO and founder. 


Chief Heart Officer Job Description Can Range a Lot!

One of the companies that are on the lookout for experienced Chief Heart Officers is Facebook. The job description they have come up with is quite extensive. Of course, a company of its size and reputation did enlist numerous requirements. But still, with all of the perks of joining their team, applicants simply must have a taste of vinegar before getting to the honey. And yes, this is another VaynerMedia-related quote. 

Some of the most significant roles and responsibilities associated with this position at Facebook include:

  • Partnering with other executive team members to administer the current plan and develop future strategies
  • Ensuring performance, processes, and alignment of the organization’s revenue-generating 
  • Leading a global team that can drive business growth across all customer segments and profiles
  • Sharing responsibility with the marketing function for advancing customer experience 
  • Building and fostering creative teams committed to continuing our culture of innovation
  • Enabling strong C-level relationships with clients and partners to develop full-funnel marketing solutions and support their strategic goals

Now, their idea of a Chief Heart Officer is very different from Claude’s and Gary’s. Still, some strings that connect marketing with HR and C-level roles are visible in both scenarios. 


Here’s what the initial goal of the position implied: to scale successfully and overcome hyper-growth. And the workers were the central figures. 

Best HR Practices and Leadership Tips in Outsourcing

Besides continuous innovations and new, fantastic roles that help companies advance, there are some basic things that keep the teams moving forward. What are best practices in HR? Some of the most commonly mentioned ones include:

  • Enabling employees to feel secure,
  • Hiring the right people,
  • Running independent and effective teams.
  • Frequent and fair performance reviews and adequate prize for the top performers,
  • Providing education and training to obtain and boost the essential skills,
  • Making necessary information accessible to every person in the company.


When it comes to finding the right outsourcing company, organizations in need of BPO services should keep these criteria in mind. The leaders in every thriving outsourcing company must act rightly: 

  • Provide multiple learning opportunities and participate in mentorship programs,
  • Promote firm relationships within the team,
  • Teach the meaning and the importance of friendly and healthy competence,
  • Make your goals clear and public,
  • Give real-time feedback and make sure that it’s understood,
  • Perform regular one-on-ones and brief meetings to stay updated – and keep every team member updated,
  • Build trust and have faith in your team. 


A prosperous BPO company takes chances on people and is always on the lookout for new talents. They should be open to teaching skills and hire by heart. Even if they don’t officially have a Chief Heart Officer on board. 

People over Processes

As we know, Agile methodology is quite suitable for multiple lines of work, industries, and niches. Its approaches and postulates come in handy while working remotely. Although Agile teams rely on specific tools quite a lot, their manifesto still puts people over those tools. 

Every company should obey this simple and effective principle. BPO companies are no exception to the rule. 

Even if designating a person to become a Chief Heart Officer sounds like too much of a challenge right now, having a heart-to-heart talk with the staff about their impediments, pain points, and even more personal struggles is something that will help every organization. 

Agile Manifesto: What Does Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools Mean?

People over processes is an essential Agile principle. What does this phrase actually mean? It implies the necessity of ensuring everyone is aligned and working to reach specific goals before trying to implement anything else. Once you make sure that everything is running smoothly, you can start to use tools and processes. 

In order to do so, you must:

  • Set clear goals and offer additional explanations and info,
  • Encourage everyones’ input,
  • Find a way to overcome the gaps between expectations and reality,
  • Team up and reflect together frequently.

Customer Service Outsourcing: Excellent HR Practices You Should Implement

What are the 3 most important things in customer service? The answer encompasses empathy, strong communication skills, and patience.
However, these are not the sole baselines a profitable and well-organized customer service teams should reach. 

When it comes to customer service outsourcing, you should aim to fulfill other aims:

  • Boost company, industry, and product knowledge,
  • Work on everyones’ problem-solving skills,
  • Maintain a positive attitude and use positive language,
  • Develop active listening skills. 

When we mention enhancing these essential traits, it doesn’t only refer to the team in charge of interacting with customers. These are the skills and qualities every HR and leader must have, regularly improve, and teach others. 

And what is the best way to motivate your team? You must offer growth and self-improvement opportunities, foster collaboration, provide a healthy working environment, and lead by example. 

In addition to it, you must avoid micromanagement at all costs. 

Fresh Trends to Keep an Eye on

Nowadays, the whole market has shifted. Many businesses that were all about brick-and-mortar shops have gone online. E-commerce businesses are here to stay. And with its increased popularity, the need of adequate customer service is also on the rise. 

An excellent outsourcing company that offers help with enhancing customer experience must:

  • Keep it fresh and follow the new trends and circumstances,
  • Understand the link between their specialties and other core business areas like sales,
  • Master the multi-channel support,
  • Combine their knowledge with AI tools for support.

What Is a Chief Heart Officer? Learn the Terms and Embrace the Practices. 

Now, we have covered some of the basic information about the Chief Heart Officer role and what it entails. Although this job function is a brilliant idea, you don’t have to explicitly assign someone to execute the tasks related to it. 

The key to success is to grasp the most valuable features of this role and implement them wherever and whenever possible (Shakira singing in the background). Teach your managers, leaders, and HR personnel to act according to these extraordinarily useful trends, postulates, and practices. 

And if you happen to need an outsourcing partner that lives and breathes these values and actions, we’re here for you.