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Ready or not, the new year and new business challenges have arrived! So, let’s get started in the best (and most efficient) way. Now is the perfect time to learn more about the absolutely amazing (and much-needed) 2022 sales trends.

Spoiler alert: most of them are too hot to be labeled as the flavor of the week.

So – most are actually here to stay. See why & how to get the best results after embracing them.

What is the future of sales?

Sales strategies will change permanently. And there is no slightest room to doubt that. First, there is a major shift from seller-centric to buyer-centric orientation. Then, there is an unavoidable switch from face-to-face to a fully digital experience. Actually, studies show that 80% of B2B between suppliers and buyers will happen online over the next three years. So, in short, all companies and stores will have to:

  • Diversify the ways and channels they use to sell goods or services,
  • Educate their reps to adjust to all types of customers and their needs,
  • Discover better approaches and embrace transparency.

Get ready – sales trends for 2022 will have you rethinking some good old tactics!

Let’s bust the myth: Are sales jobs declining?

The short answer is: absolutely not! These jobs are still much needed, and the skills related to the field will stay in demand! However, everything that surrounds sales seems to be changing. So, for example, some roles that took place in brick-and-mortar stores will be less popular. Cashiers are projected to decline 3.8% toward 2028, for instance. But that doesn’t mean that the whole system is collapsing. It’s just reshaping and adjusting to the markets of the future. Spoiler alert: technology and its unstoppable expansion will change the game for salespeople, and they’ll never be obsolete.

1. Be at the top of things: Embrace remote everything

Many things had to shift and evolve over the past two years. So, there most certainly are new things to learn & implement. Focusing on everything turning “remote” is one of the most significant sales trends during covid. That means moving basically all efforts and interactions from the offline to an online world. Step one was to teach sales teams to accept remote work as a new norm. Those who nailed it back in 2020 are probably discovering brand-new ways of making it work like magic – and enjoying the results. Because, evidently – working from home is a practice that will likely last. In fact, a massive survey showed that 57% of respondents said their organization’s sales model would be a hybrid one in 2022.

Lastly, HubSpot conducted research on this precise topic. And yes – according to their data, getting used to working remotely pays off to all reps and managers! So, you know what to do. Make a truce with the circumstances, hot tendencies, and preferences – and make the most of it!

A fail-proof move: Bringing the teams closer

Did you ever think that a successful sales tactic is just about the sales team? Of course, you didn’t. The customer journey is set in the digital universe. And because of that, all departments must step in to boost conversions. So, you need a super-skilled web development team to make a functional & well-optimized site. But then – you will also need some excellent customer service. Both have a lot to do with sales efforts, right? And finally – the marketing team is there to add one final touch. They are in charge of how coherent and efficient all of the above will be. And in an era of remote work & fully digitalized sales trends for 2022, these squads must work as one.

The bottom line is: your marketing and sales teams can change the game together. That is the recipe to give customers exactly what they want.

2. Unlock new tools: Technology as one of the key 2022 sales trends

Forecasting and analysis are crucial in the sales process. All sales teams need to run a detailed analysis of metrics to explain and justify their strategies and evaluate their current performance. So, is there a better way to get the right figures, stats, and results than by relying on helpful tools and technologies? AI-powered software is usually the best ally when it comes to collecting insights and assessing them. It can help you out with understanding buyers and attracting returning customers by checking out their former purchases and approaching them based on this information.

If improved precision is what you seek, give it a try!

Quick + astonishing results: Learn about automation

Automation is at the very top of the list of 2022 sales trends. And here’s a massive misinterpretation that has to be mentioned: saying that it cuts down on creativity and decreases personalization is just wrong. It’s exactly the opposite. So just leave the tedious tasks to the gizmos and deal with all the cool and original ideas yourself. Start by choosing a CRM system carefully. And then see what else can help you in the long run.

3. Make a dazzling impression: Personalization all the way

According to LinkedIn, 48% of buyers consider delivering misleading information about a product or its price as the main deal-breaker. So, for starters, you will need to be very clear, honest, and specific. Also, if you wish to stand out in a tight market, make sure to add a personal touch. Now, reading a customer gets a bit tough since there is no face-to-face interaction. That’s why you will have to research the market and find out what your target audience is all about. Various useful insights and behavior data you collect will lead the way. For instance – see when most of your buyers read their emails and when they usually respond. This is a valuable piece of information that can help you plan your approach in a way that suits potential shoppers. Keep this stat in mind: 72% of consumers will only consider a brand whose reps know how to personalize their offers and texts. Ready to give your plans and communication a once-over?

Offer a bit more: Multi-channel service

Buying and selling processes have gone into the digital world in a snap. And a massive part of the customer’s journey is now fully independent thanks to the availability of vast amounts of information. Having that in mind, it’s clear that predicting exactly when a buyer will enter the funnel is nearly impossible. How so? Well, it can happen at basically any stage. What’s more, consumers are no longer bound to a single channel. So making a fresh tactic and following key 2022 sales trends is paramount. Offering a broad range of different channels to help (and attract) customers is the most simple and the best way to reach your aims. Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment, but the safest way to do so is to try one option at a time.

4. Try a smart + tested new trend: Social selling

Here’s the truth: you can’t go through relevant sales trends for 2022 without grasping the importance of social selling. For once, it offers solid evidence that ‘obvious selling’ is dead. So the ultimate tip to increase sales is to be light and unintrusive. And although social selling has been among us for a few years now, this year is when it becomes an absolute must!

The initial step is to just plant the idea into your potential customers’ heads – and keep building it up. Be there for them, answer their questions, and show them your expertise + genuine interest. The goal is to pop up in their mind every time they think about buying a specific product.

5. Change the game: Customer success > customer support

Going for the proven formula: focusing on the customer always seems like a fail-proof plan. And yes, that’s inarguably the right path to take. But here’s what’s going to make it more efficient – paying some extra attention to customer success instead of the support you grant. How to do so? Well, it takes a bit of persuading. Help your customers gain the impression that you’re truly interested in their business success. In other words, rather than concentrating on giving superior customer support (alone), you must prioritize providing a more positive customer experience. Don’t forget: clients and buyers are getting more and more demanding. If you can’t reassure them that their success is secured when working with you, they’ll go and shop elsewhere. Now, let this sink in: according to studies, 40% of businesses didn’t meet revenue targets in 2020. So listen to this piece of advice & do better.

Pay attention to these key 2022 sales trends & make a clever tactic

These essential tendencies & sales trends for 2022 will mark more than the year ahead of us. Most of them will remain pretty popular in the future as well. And as we keep on adapting to remote work, digital experiences, and online shopping, these sales inclinations and movements will only get improved.

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