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What your website looks like is one of the ultimate keys to your online store’s successful future. And therefore, a visually pleasing site in terms of design is an essential ingredient you must keep in mind. So, exploring the best WordPress themes for eCommerce sites and making a smart choice should be a top priority.

Aside from an attractive look and engaging presence, your eCommerce site has to be smooth and simple to use. Think about the features that will help you attract more visitors & increase your profit while searching for the ideal theme. 

Is WordPress good for eCommerce websites? (Spoiler alert: It’s great & here’s why)

Starting an eCommerce business is not necessarily a process you’d call easy-peasy. In fact, it’s pretty much the other way around. But when it comes to using WordPress for your online store, the answers to your dilemmas are quite straightforward. Choosing it can be an awesome idea and drive phenomenal results. Still, the precise outcome depends on the type of business you intend to run. Because – each store has its unique needs and aims. 

However, these are a few major advantages of WordPress for eCommerce businesses that you must know of:

  • Numerous plugins to add eCommerce functionality, create appealing storefronts, optimize + customize your pages, and set various options for payments, shipping, etc. 

Pro tip: WooCommerce is by far the most popular and efficient plugin, and you should definitely give it a try. 

  • A good deal of template options that will showcase your very own style,
  • Amazing for SEO, which will help you perform well in search engines and get a bigger audience.

Now, get ready for potential issues you could face. The principal disadvantage is that WordPress is not actually made for eCommerce only. Its actual purpose is to create dozens of different types of websites. And because of it, it’s pretty easy to fail to add some crucial features. 

The best WordPress themes [2022] you absolutely must check out!

When looking forward to a successful future of your online store, it’s inevitable to follow certain patterns. Firstly, you must do meticulous market research to see what your competition is all about, what are some hot innovation trends in eCommerce, which gaps you should overcome, and more. Only by researching thoroughly can you get tons of ideas on how to improve your business and boost conversions. 

Finally, regardless of whether you’re one of the small sellers, it’s crucial to focus on exploring some of the best WordPress themes for eCommerce and strive to keep things as simple as you can. The rest is bound to come – as well as the gratifying prize. Now, let’s have a closer look at what could be the most suitable theme for your store. 

The ultimate three minimalist & modern WordPress themes for online stores

A minimalist design that feels fresh and pleasant to look at feels like an awesome idea. And for many online businesses – it really is. So, if you aim for simplicity and a modern appearance, these are the best WordPress themes for your eCommerce:

  • Savoy: A solution that’s easy to use and perfect for many because it puts the products in the center of attention, removing all unnecessary distractions, bling-blings, or good-for-nothing shapes and decor; 
  • Lotus: This theme is clean and simple and gets some bonus points because of its full-width header slider that visitors and potential buyers really love. Also, it’s fully responsive, multi-language ready, and multi-browser compatible – among many other amazing traits that make it unique and very practical. 
  • X-Store: One of the modern WordPress themes that can wow your audience by its neat and simplistic appearance. Plus, due to multiple demos, it’s the right solution for a variety of stores and boosts different types of eCommerce

Make sure to explore more of these fresh, elegant, and clean themes for eCommerce and get the one that matches your objectives. 

Few more tips & themes: How to choose the best theme for an eCommerce website in WordPress 

Attracting new buyers and encouraging returning customers to stick with a brand is the ultimate aim for every eCommerce business. Luckily, there are a few proven ways to accomplish this goal. But it all comes down to a single formula: mind the customers’ needs. Put them first and offer them a superb experience. Although excellent customer service is what probably comes to mind first, there are a few more steps to take and aspects to consider. Choosing one of the best WordPress themes that will grant buyers a smooth experience (and save you a whole lot of time and nerves) is paramount. 

Know which themes highlight your products & show their amazing quality

If you’re looking for a multipurpose solution that has you covered regarding design and high-quality photos, this could easily be your top choice: TheGem. First of all, it offers full design integration with WooCommerce. But also, it grants you quite a few pre-built layouts. So, if you employ the right plugin (WPBakery Page Builder), you can create nearly any layout to match your precise needs and expectations. Now, how does it highlight your products? It has a fantastic rollover effect. It reveals an alternative image whenever a visitor hovers their mouse over the product. 

Stick with “mobile-first” criteria when discovering the best WordPress themes 

Qwery is a multipurpose, mobile-first theme that you absolutely need to explore. Because, whether you’re selling products or offering services, this is definitely one of the best WordPress themes out there. Thanks to its modern appearance, it’s possible to build a distinct brand for your website in a snap. Ready-to-use design elements, a well-placed CTA, and 30 demos are just some of the buzzworthy benefits you’ll experience with Qwery. 

Choose a multipurpose solution for your business

Choosing a multipurpose theme for your online business can make all the difference. Take a sneak peek at one of the most popular solutions – Avada. Since it was launched back in 2012, it has been around for quite a while now, and it’s recognized by countless eCommerce stores. Or, to be more precise, it’s been downloaded more than 550,000 times. Also, here’s a fact to prove how reliable this theme is – its average rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars. How so? Well, the ultimate perk people are talking about is this theme’s customizability. 

With more than 50 panels of well-organized options to control your website with ease, this is a fantastic choice for both WordPress beginners and seasoned experts. 

Explore the best WordPress themes for eCommerce & boost your store

Pleasing literally every customer could sound like a massive challenge (which is honestly a euphemism). But there’s an easy way to try and nail this aim. Discovering some of the best WordPress themes for eCommerce sites is the first step toward pleased customers. Or, at least, toward excellent first impressions, which could open you a few doors further down the road. 

Just remember the criteria we mentioned and use it as a guide: highlight your products, go for a mobile-first theme, and find a multipurpose solution. Have a closer look at some of the popular themes and choose the one that suits you perfectly.