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Outsourcing – Risks and Challenges


Defining the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing

Outsourcing - Risks and ChallengesOutsourcing can produce immense advantages for your business, but it also implies several risks and difficulties. Negotiating and managing outsourcin...

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Nov 23
Outsourcing Risks and challenges

How Outsourcing Influences the Employee Churn Rate


Leveraging Outsourcing and Scaling Your Company Successfully

The churn rate calculates the number of people leaving an organization over a particularized period. This term can be applied in many context...

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Oct 19
Employee Churn Rate

Best Country to Outsource To in 2020 – Serbia


Wondering how to lower your costs and to keep the quality of service high?

The land of Nikola Tesla, Novak Djokovic and famous scientists who shaped the world as we know it. Serbia is considered as one of the most promising destinati...

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Sep 10