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Refer a client to
us, and earn a
revenue share +
a signing bonus!

We’re expanding our team, and our portfolio of clients!
If you know a business owner who might benefit from outsourcing to morph (so, any business owner, really), put us in touch!
If they become our client, you’ll receive a signing bonus of $2,000 and a revenue share of $50 per team member, every month, for as long as the team exists.

    When outsourcing is done right, it is always a smart move to make. With a fully dedicated, fiercely competitive and focused team, hitting goals becomes so much easier. Whether the goal is to raise profitability, increase client retention, reduce churn rates, bolster customer satisfaction metrics, or simply to delegate any of the above - we’re devoted to ensuring our clients’ success.

    Our primary

    Sales referral


    customer support referral


    web development referral


    eCommerce support referral


    gaming support referral


    Here’s how
    it works

    If you know of a company or an individual in need of our services, contact us via email so we can determine if we can be of service to your referral.
    Once we’re on the same page, we arrange for an intro between your referral and our team (this can be as simple as an intro email with all parties CC’d).
    If your referral becomes our client, you’ll receive a $2,000 signing bonus, and a recurring revenue share of $50 per agent, every month, throughout out working relationship with your referral.
    So far, we’ve paid out
    $30,000 in referral fees.
    That’s $5,000 per referral,
    on average, and climbing,
    month after month.
    Our top referral partner
    has $1,300 / month
    (currently) in recurring
    revenue, after sending a
    single intro email.
    On average, our referral
    partners have spent
    30 minutesof their time
    and sent 2.4 emailsper
    All of our referred clients
    are happy, in an ongoing
    and growing business

    relationship with us.

    We’re fully aware that a referral requires a great deal of trust, and that referring a friend, a client, or a company to us would require getting to know us and understanding if we’re the right fit for your referrals. So, we invite you to get to know our company, and decide for yourself if you’d be placing your referrals in safe hands.

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