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The global economy has changed drastically over the past two years. All businesses, tech and non-tech companies, have started to explore different approaches. And all BPO companies also faced some substantial changes in their ways, and new methods have emerged. Knowing which trends in software development outsourcing will be relevant throughout 2021. is essential to determine whether this practice works for you and to choose the right partner.  

When you gather all facts and do the math, it turns out that acquiring outsourcing services does way more than just lowering your costs. It brings multiple significant perks all around. Get familiar with changes that are transforming the industry and make the right calls. 

What Is Software Development Outsourcing?

Custom software solutions can be developed in-house or through outsourcing. To outsource development means to rely on a third-party dev team to fulfill all necessary tasks and build a product according to your requirements. 

Since the entire tech industry is progressing at an unbelievable pace, hiring a BPO company to help you out is a smart strategy. That way, it will be much easier to keep up with new programming languages, frameworks, and tools that seem to be evolving and prevailing over each other non-stop. 

An external firm whose staff is profoundly skilled in software development is the most obvious alternative for non-tech businesses. And as far as the stats show us, nearly 60% of primarily tech companies outsource some parts of their work

So, to sum up, here is a software development outsourcing definition: a widespread trend that offers countless benefits and enables tech and non-tech companies to build quality software products more promptly, efficiently, and affordably. 

Does Outsourcing Software Development Work?

Whether outsourcing will work as you planned depends on several factors. First of all, there is a matter of choosing rightly. Regardless of the specific part of your business you plan to hand over to a third-party provider, the outcomes mainly depend on their expertise, dedication, and reliability. So, before anything, you must find the right outsourcing company

  • Base your decision on their experience and competencies,
  • Double-check the reviews and references,
  • Be in the clear regarding financial aspects and make sure you’re compatible with your future ally. 

If the whole search and negotiation process is done rightly, the advantages of outsourcing are huge. Aside from lowering costs, collaboration with a suitable BPO company can help you overcome several pain points, grant more productivity, save you a lot of time, and increase overall quality. You would access a much-needed skillset instantly and skip the tiring and expensive process of contacting, screening, hiring, and onboarding tech talent. 

What Are the Recent Trends in Outsourcing?

We have witnessed how quickly tables are turning. That is why organizations worldwide must evolve uninterruptedly. Now, more than ever, all industries strive to come up with solutions and upgrade their policies, approaches, and goals. The BPO industry is no exception. Some of the noteworthy outsourcing trends for 2021 include:

  • Moving forward from delegating minor assignments to relying on third-party providers when it comes to more complex and core functions,
  • BPO companies are more people-centric than ever, and they won’t be losing actual users’ and customers’ needs from their sight,
  • Focusing on delivering high-grade products and services comes before the need to direct the attention on the quantity. 

There are more innovations and good practices the future of outsourcing is holding. But, nevertheless, these could easily be the primary ones, and don’t neglect them when looking for a business partner. 

What Are the Latest Trends in Software Development?

No other niche is as fast-growing and continuously making headway as the software industry. There is so much going on – and by the looks of it, the best is yet to come. So, which technology is best to learn now? 

  • Don’t have any doubts about IoT (internet of things) because it found its way into nearly everyone’s daily routine,
  • Boost your e-commerce store by considering augmented reality to entice buyers and provide them with a superb customer experience,
  • Gaming isn’t the only industry that can use virtual reality – think about its perks,
  • Taking good care of security is still a big deal, and it will always be, so you should learn more about big data and what it entails,
  • And if the amounts of data you plan to access are quite massive, be sure to take your time and explore cloud-based solutions. 

There are more popular IT trends to master or simply gain a few ideas while reading about them. However, these five are unquestionably here for good. 

Key Trends in Software Development Outsourcing to Know in 2021

Regardless of whether you need a web development team for your e-commerce business or your objectives include a different tech stack and another type of solution, outsourcing can come in handy. However, to find the most suitable crew that will develop a custom solution or lend a hand to your in-house team of engineers, it’s crucial to align your needs. Then, you should learn about the latest trends in software development outsourcing:

  • Keep in mind the rapid growth in usage of cloud-based technologies,
  • Learn more about blockchain and read why developers specialized in it are currently in demand,
  • Determine the crucial differences between native apps and PWA and why both are important,
  • Get informed about new countries and regions that are just starting to conquer the market. 

Before choosing a BPO company, make sure to be well aware of the potential risks and challenges this sort of partnership can bring. Even though outsourcing has evolved and some excellent practices are prevailing, it is still better to do more thorough research before signing an agreement. 

Cloud-Based Services Are Huge Nowadays

Cloud-based solutions play the leading role for countless businesses. They can encompass computer networks, applications, data storage, or resources reached through the internet and another provider’s shared cloud-based computing infrastructure. One of their top advantages lies in the fact that maintaining them is quite simple. Also, these on-demand services are compliant with all security regulations, and the cost you have to pay is pretty low. 

By relying on the cloud-based technologies, you can gain better insights, become more flexible, be agile, and position your firm on the market more easily. 

New Areas to Outsource to Are Emerging 

The regions and countries businesses used to target to find outsourcing business partners are changing. Today, Europe has a way more fascinating talent market than Latin America or India, especially when it comes to digital industries, tech specialists, customer experience, or sales. How did this happen? First of all, the European market is adaptable and packed with many skilled experts.

A strong work ethic and understanding of the importance of solid team culture are among the main reasons to outsource to Europe. In addition, talented, highly technically skilled, and excellently educated IT experts here also have excellent English skills and knowledge of other languages. Moreover, outsourcing development to a European BPO company involves the best quality-to-price ratio. 

Blockchain Developers Are in Demand

Investments made in blockchain technology have leaped from $1.5 billion to $2.7 billion in a single year. So, there’s not a shadow of doubt about it – this domain is more than popular and profitable. However, you will still need to find the most qualified developers and other experts in order to nail the market needs and reach your milestones. 

By choosing to outsource, you will overcome the gap in skillsets companies with in-house teams often face. Global access and a vast network of talents are the main reasons for you to consider hiring a third-party squad. Top-quality and accelerated time to market is also guaranteed once you sign a contract with a team that meets your necessities. 

Native Apps and Progressive Web Apps 

How do you want to promote your business, and what type of solution will you develop? Whichever is the answer, it will eventually have to do something with smartphones – even if you don’t know it yet. So, it seems like progressive web apps are reducing the need to build native apps. Many seem to agree that native applications are about to become extinct. However, that’s still unlikely, and both options can be equally valuable. Which one you’ll choose depends solely on the course of your business. More importantly, when you evaluate the necessities and targets, make sure to base your search for the right outsourcing company primarily on the tech stack they use.

Keep an Eye on These Trends in Software Development Outsourcing

Not every trend has to be equally relevant for your line of work. On the contrary, some won’t be a good fit – and no one will judge you for letting others embrace them. However, learning enough about the important trends in software development outsourcing will enable you to understand what is good for your business. 

Check out the contemporary and future inclinations and use them only to solidify your position. And when looking for backup, always pick the most reliable team