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eCommerce trends

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What are some hot innovation trends in eCommerce?

If there’s something that’s been becoming increasingly widespread - it’s undoubtedly the online shopping phenomenon! E-stores have been collecting superb reviews & reaching whopping figures because of their simplicity, transparency, and fair prices. But, do you know about the importance of hot innovation trends in eCommerce? Trust us - you…
Tatjana Zotovic
December 27, 2021

The ultimate list of eCommerce trends for 2022

Running an online store seems like a smart choice these days. The whole drill comes out as quite simple and doable. However, if you don’t do the research and neglect to check out what’s new on the market, you won’t reach the results you want. So, pay close attention to…
Tatjana Zotovic
December 13, 2021
Customer Care

The Future of eCommerce

We all know it - the global market is unstoppably evolving. With the endless technical discoveries and perpetual innovations, all things online, including shopping trends, have become our norm. eCommerce is now a standard and the most efficient sales model for many. It has numerous perks, becoming increasingly favored among…
Tatjana Zotovic
January 11, 2021