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5 Tips on How to Increase Your Conversion Rate [2021]

Increased website traffic often boosts your sales conversion rate. Still, in some cases, more visitors don’t imply growth in incomes, customers, or subscribers. For this reason, your business needs more efficient tactics to move forward. Progressing and rising profits require mastering the best tricks to increase the conversion rate.  Conversion…
Tatjana Zotovic
March 2, 2021
Customer CareSales

5 Types of Customers and How to Adjust to Them

Every customer is different. They all have specific needs, goals, aspirations, time, and budget at their disposal. Hence, there’s no singular accurate way to approach a customer. However, there are a few universal tips and tricks you should keep in mind. Still, first thing’s first - you must be aware…
Tatjana Zotovic
February 8, 2021
Customer Care

How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Customer Lifetime Value (often referred to as CLV or CLTV) represents a fundamental metric used while making significant decisions concerning marketing, sales, product development, and customer support service. CLV is the value a customer provides to a business over the complete lifetime of a collaboration with a company. Having its…
Tatjana Zotovic
October 5, 2020