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A range of businesses that must focus on getting excellent call center services is sweeping. Nearly every e-commerce business, bank or insurance company, traveling agency, or healthcare organization does its best to build up this essential service. Exploring European market potential for contact center services is one of the best ways to grow your client base and boost your reputation – without using up all of your resources and conducting lengthy screenings. 

By researching this area and its pool of talented teams, you will find a reputable, skilled, yet affordable provider who will help you resolve some of the crucial issues you have been facing. Take a deep dive and see what Europe has to offer. 

How Much Is the Call Center Industry Worth?

The global call center industry analysis has shown us tremendous growth over the past few years. And the great news is that this trend will continue. According to Statista, the contact center market worldwide amounted to $339.4 billion in 2020. Data gathered in 2017. also shows that Europe had the largest contact center market, which generated around 50 billion US dollars in revenue.

These figures seem quite impressive. Still, forecasts suggest another round of revenue increases. Experts state that this niche will get to over 490 billion US dollars by the year 2027. 

Other Call Center Industry Statistics You Should Know

Some facts and stats are simply vital. They can help you obtain valuable insights and boost your business in the long run. 

  • If you have wondered whether to go with AI or human support, it would be good to know that one-third of customers state that the ability to follow up with the same person is a crucial element of excellent customer service
  • Make your information easily accessible to the staff – 60% of failed attempts to resolve some customer issues were caused by the lack of insights. 
  • This brings us to the next point – nearly 30% of inbound calls are related to unsuccessfully resolved issues. 

In addition, it is paramount to understand that people are mainly impatient by nature. And we have the numbers to back this claim up – more than 70% of customers say that waiting for the agent to answer is the most frustrating part. 

What can we learn from these stats? Knowledge-sharing, well-organized data, and trained staff are crucial to business growth, increase in revenue, and attracting returning customers. Your agents must be prompt, adjustable, and excellent listeners. 


Numerous Possibilities in the European Contact Center Outsourcing Market

Europe is a superbly suitable destination for outsourcing. The environment is dynamic, diverse, and packed with skilled professionals all over the continents. It is a particularly interesting region for those who are interested in call center outsourcing. With more than 500,000 inhabitants and 27 languages, it is easy to meet educated and experienced specialists. Moreover, it is easy to obtain multilingual support. 

  • The UK alone has employed more than 121,000 expert agents. 
  • Germany is the fourth-largest economy worldwide and offers even more potential in this field. 
  • France has a BPO market estimated to be worth more than 6 billion US dollars. 
  • If you want to explore Poland, look into Krakow. This city has the largest number of highly qualified tech specialists and contact center representatives. 
  • Serbia is one of the best countries to outsource to. Besides handling inbound calls for their clients, countless experts country-wide are dedicated to modern technologies and mathematics. 

It is difficult to say how many call centers are in Europe. There are plenty of them located all over Europe. And the numbers keep rising. Whichever region you choose to focus on will grant you quick access to some of the best talents in the world. 

Other Promising European Countries to Look Into for BPO Services

The European market for contact center outsourcing was valued at approximately €20 billion in 2018. And the best is yet to come. Most of these countries are just getting started. Some of the areas you should keep an eye on are:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina’s emerging market seems to have tremendous potential. Their future looks especially bright when it comes to a highly-skilled, multilingual workforce. Their call centers and BPO companies have more than 14,000 workers, and the numbers are skyrocketing.
  • Croatia is one of the favorite locations for software development companies. The state’s government is dedicated to supporting this segment. Their BPO market for tech services is valued at $56 million. And since their workers have a western mindset and multilingual capabilities, Croatia is also an amazing choice for setting up a customer support team. 
  • Romania is expecting huge growth in the customer support services domain. It is estimated that this country will employ over 220,000 agents by 2023. Besides their mother tongue, the most common languages spoken here are English, French, German and Spanish. 
  • Ukraine’s call center outsourcing market is valued at $24.6 billion. Their highly educated residents and fair labor costs are beneficial for BPO support.

Most of the largest call center companies in Europe are progressing rapidly precisely because the workforce in this region is excellently skilled. 

Set Your Bar High: Learn About Contact Center Outsourcing Trends

When looking into the European market potential for contact center services, you must keep in mind the emerging trends and tendencies. Outsourcing has evolved, and it is offering us new approaches and guidelines. As for contact centers, they have established some sets of rules as well: 

  • The omnichannel approach is proven to boost customer retention,
  • High-end message filtering technology saves time and eases the job to all agents, which enables them to stay fully dedicated to the customers, 
  • Customer engagement through social media has become necessary, 
  • CRM software boosts analytics and helps businesses focus on what matters,
  • Customer satisfaction surveys are essential tools to measure your outcomes. 

If you follow these courses, your business will get better results, more gains, and positive feedback pretty soon. 

Outsourcing Trends to Keep in Mind

Outsourcing has been present as a widely used business practice for years. And although there are numerous reasons to outsource, many still find collaborating with third-party teams questionable. However, the BPO market is continuously improving. These are the main outsourcing trends for 2021 you should know of:

  • Companies worldwide started to outsource high-end roles and processes,
  • BPO companies are more people-centric than ever,
  • Quality comes before quantity, 
  • Customer experience now has the spotlight, 
  • More startups are using this practice to cut their costs, enhance performance, and scale successfully.

And lastly – new areas have stolen the show. The attention has shifted toward Europe, and this market is yet to thrive. 

Get Familiar With European Market Potential for Contact Center Services

Europe has, beyond any doubt, a huge talent market that is yet to be discovered. Its vast potential is being fulfilled, but there is much more room to grow. These countries are some of the locations that could be ideal for your contact center. With highly-educated individuals, bilingual and multilingual professionals, and tech-savvy personnel, Europe is the prime choice for basically any organization looking to grow and obtain more coverage. 

If you are searching for answering services or a skillful team that will handle customer care on your behalf, drop us a line.