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Outsourcing: Best Roles to Outsource

So, you’ve decided to go with outsourcing - congrats, you’ve made a cost-effective decision for your business! It's no secret that the outsourcing industry is seeing a steady rise. In 2019, more than a third of small businesses have been outsourcing at least one business process. That number has surely…
Jovan Krstic
June 28, 2022

Top 5 Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing

Attracting, hiring, and retaining tech talent is the ultimate goal of countless enterprises and startups worldwide. Since we live in a time when technology rules & the competition is getting fiercer by the minute, businesses are prone to exploring BPO as a perfect solution. There are many benefits of software…
Tatjana Zotovic
August 25, 2021

Top Trends in Software Development Outsourcing for 2021

The global economy has changed drastically over the past two years. All businesses, tech and non-tech companies, have started to explore different approaches. And all BPO companies also faced some substantial changes in their ways, and new methods have emerged. Knowing which trends in software development outsourcing will be relevant…
Tatjana Zotovic
July 5, 2021
Team Culture

Remote Work as the New Norm

Remote work is an increasingly widespread employment type that enables professionals to work outside of a traditional office setting. Working remotely is the concept that some jobs do not need to be done in a specific place to be successfully performed and to drive desired results. Remote work always represented…
Tatjana Zotovic
March 22, 2021

The Future Of Outsourcing

Outsourcing has evolved and became more patterned and regulated. All processes have become more people-driven than price-driven. These alterations have leveled the playing field and ensured that there’s much to look forward to regarding the future of outsourcing. It has, beyond any doubt, transformed the way businesses worldwide operate. And…
Tatjana Zotovic
March 15, 2021